Publicizing Events at Berkeley-Haas


There are currently two event calendars at Haas. The Haas Calendar is for public-facing events that may also target an internal Haas audience. Events submitted to this calendar appear on the information kiosks at Haas. The MBA Program Calendar is for student-focused events (ie: club meetings, student panels) that are planned for the student body. Students access this calendar via the FTMBA website. Certain events, such as student-led conferences, would be appropriate to have on both calendars since they are targeted at both students and the public. Keep in mind that although both calendars look the same, they are different. You should check both calendars to avoid conflicts when planning events and submit your events to the appropriate calendar.


Haas Calendar
Go to the Haas Event Calendar at and submit your event for inclusion by clicking on the yellow "Add Event" button.

MBA Program Calendar
Go to
to access the MBA Program Calendar. Click on the yellow "Add Event" button to submit your event. For instructions on how to submit, edit or delete an event on this calendar, please visit

Note: Submitting an event to the calendar DOES NOT mean that it will automatically be included in the MBA Alert (see Step 2 for how to get an event included in the Alert.)


When planning an event at Haas, consider the type of publicity you will require. Are you trying to fill seats at an event by identifying good potential audiences? Or are you trying to acquire media coverage for your event?

When planning publicity, consider the following options listed below:

The Berkeley MBA
If you would like to inform Full-time and Evening/Weekend students about your event, please contact the MBAA's VP of Communications, Charlene Chen, so that she may include your event announcement in the weekly MBA Alert. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE FOR EACH MONDAY'S PUBLICATION IS 5:00 P.M. THE SUNDAY NIGHT BEFORE THE ALERT IS SENT OUT. You may contact the Evening & Weekend MBA publicity contact by emailing Siu-Yung Wong.

The Dean's Office
For all major events, please send an email to the Dean's Office to notify them of the event by emailing Susie Jordan and Marco Lindsey.

Haas NewsWire
For all major events, please notify Haas NewsWire so that they may publicize the event for you. Haas NewsWire tries to publicize major conferences six weeks in advance. Please submit content AT LEAST one week prior to the desired publication date, which is every other Monday.

Haas Marketing & Communications Office
If planning a large-scale event that needs to be marketed through the media, please contact Ute Frey (510-642-0342).

Student Clubs
You may be able to get some participation/interest from different clubs on campus. You may review the list of Haas student clubs for the MBA program at: and the list for Haas student clubs for Undergrads at

Academic Programs
Some Haas academic program use Majordomo broadcast email to notify their students about events or post upcoming events on their websites. Contact the appropriate program office as listed in the left hand navigation menu of:

Alumni Network
If you wish to advertise to the Haas alumni, there are three steps you should follow:

First, email Meg Roundy or to notify Haas Alumni Relations about your event. The Alumni Relations office can advise you about any potential synergies between events or any overlapping events that may be taking place. They can also help you leverage the Haas Alumni Network to help make your event successful.

Second, you may opt to submit events to eHan, the electronic newsletter for Haas alumni that features content from Haas NewsWire; to promote alumni-only events, please follow the protocol at:

Third, you can contact alumni via distribution email lists managed by the UC Berkeley Development Office. This office sends monthly emails to 70,000 alumni inviting them to major events open to the general UC Berkeley alumni community. If you are interested in promoting your event to Berkeley alumni, please contact Jose Rodriguez.

Other Berkeley Graduate Programs
Other school calendars are published by Boalt Hall School of Law, the School of Journalism, College of Engineering, and many other departments on campus that have online or print newsletters and calendars. You may also wish to consider undergraduate, MFE, Executive MBA and PhD programs when promoting your events. Please see the following website for a complete list of schools and departments:

Berkeley Community Publications/Calendars
The Berkeleyan publishes news and events of interest to faculty and staff twice a monthly (in print) as well as on the UC Berkeley online calendar, which is located at: The Berkeleyan is mostly oriented towards staff and faculty. Please note that The Berkeleyan reserves the right to decide which submissions it will publish.

To submit an event online, please go to:

For additional publicity, you may request a top-of-page "Critics Choice" listing at the following URL:

Would you like to videotape your event?
If you would like to have a video archive of your event, contact Media Services. If you would like to present it on the Haas School Video Room web page, contact Debra Goldentyer.

Publicity Tips
-Determine your audience. Identify which audiences will be most interested in attending your event. How will you reach them?

-Determine your publicity goals. Are you trying to sell tickets, fill seats, find sponsors, share the event with the campus, share the event with the entire community, attract recruiters or get media coverage?

-Determine tactics to meet your goals. To maximize publicity for your event you can do any of the following, as appropriate: take advantage of Haas calendars, program alerts and publications; get media attention from local papers and with the help of the Marketing & Communications Office; place flyers around campus; reach out to business and community associations; partner with student clubs, campus departments and alumni groups.

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