About Us

Human Resources

About Us

The Haas HR team is committed to providing the highest level of responsive, confidential, and expert service possible to our employees and managers.

We are here to make sure all resources at Haas and UC Berkeley are readily available to each member of the Haas community.


Director of HR & Administration
Denise Boyd

510-642-6468, Rm: S522B

-Compensation, Performance Management, Organizational Structure, Organizational Planning, Employee Relations.

Management & Organizational Development Specialist
Jailza Pauly

510-642-8789, Rm: S518

-Talent Management, Organizational Culture, Design of Training and Development Programs and Initiatives.

Staff Experience Analyst
Fani Garagouni

510-642-2366, Rm: S518

-Onboarding, Recognition, Exit Interviews, Professional Development Series for Staff, Project Bank, Organizational Charts, Haas HR Website.


Campus Shared Services Contacts

CSS HR Partner
Eric Ellerbee
At Haas on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays
from 8am-5pm in Room S518

-Benefits, Leaves of Absence, Separations, Policy Questions

CSS Recruiting Services
Karese Young

-Recruitment and Hiring: Career, Contract, Limited Staff and Student Assistant Workers