Performance Management

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Performance Management

Effective communication and ongoing performance feedback are critical to your success as an employee and to the success of the University overall. UC Berkeley is committed to a performance management system that fosters and rewards excellent performance. At UC Berkeley the employee, the supervisor, and the University are critical members of a partnership that ensures performance planning, review, coaching, and development.

  • Employees at all levels are responsible for actively communicating with their supervisors about their performance.
  • Supervisors are responsible for developing performance expectations with the participation of employees.
  • The University is responsible for providing an effective and fair performance management system.

Performance Management Cycle

The performance management review process is an ongoing dialogue between employees and supervisors and consists of three phases:

  • Planning: employees and managers set expected outcomes and objectives that are aligned with the department's objectives and priorities; set development goals and discuss resources.
  • Checking-In: throughout the year employees and managers review and refine objectives; managers provide feedback on areas of success as well as on those requiring improvement.
  • Assessment: the performance assessment summarizes the employee's contributions over the entire appraisal period. Employees and managers discuss next year's cycle (outcomes, objectives, development opportunities).

The UC Core Competency Model serves as a foundational tool for the assessment and development of staff at the University of California.

On the right, find detailed information about the University-wide performance management process, core competencies, and SMART goals.


Haas HR offers annually performance management workshops for staff. Watch out for the relevant communication and be sure to register for one of the workshops.