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Separation Process Checklist

The following checklist is an aid for the supervisor and separating employee.


Haas HR will notify ECSM of your departure. More specifically:

  • Your access to secured servers (shared drives, folders, etc.) will end on the day of separation.
  • Your email account will expire 90 days after separation and after that all emails will be purged.The campus will send a reminder 30 days before the email account expires.
  • Since your email account remains active, put an “Out of Office” message letting contacts know who to contact after you’ve left.
  • If you have an office phone line, please update your personal greeting letting contacts know who to call after you’ve left.


  • Complete the Employee Change Form, attach the resignation letter and send both documents to Denise Boyd.
  • Work with the separating employee to ensure an orderly transition of responsibilities (i.e. projects, ongoing tasks, open items, specific files on which the employee is currently working).
  • Ask employee to submit all requests for reimbursements and follow up on outstanding reimbursements with Shared Services. 
  • Please work with separating employee to audit the desk and ensure that any accounting paperwork on the desk or any pending transactions on BearBuy are processed or transitioned to someone else before the last day of employment.
  • Keys (office and desk) should be returned to Kendall Dockham in Facilities or to the building coordinator if you are located off site.
  • Collect any electronic equipment (i.e. cell phone, laptop) and return to appropriate distributing unit.
  • If the employee is a BLU or EPC cardholder, let Sumit Dhewajoo know of the employee’s departure.¬†Collect BLU or EPC card and return to Sumit Dhewajoo in the Finance Unit.
  • Collect UC Photo ID card and return to Fani Garagouni in S518, if leaving campus employment.