Working @ Haas

Human Resources

Hiring Staff

Recruitment for New Career Staff

To initiate recruitment for New Career Staff, Haas managers will:

  • Complete the FTE Request Justification form (see below).
  • Create a job description for the proposed position. For PPS positions and for CUE/UPTE positions, see job description templates below.
  • Email the job description, department org chart and complete FTE Request Justification form to Denise Boyd.
  • You will be invited to a Personnel Committee meeting to discuss your request.

After you have approval from the Personnel Committee for the new position, you will need to complete a Recruitment Request form (below).

Recruitment for All Positions

To initiate recruitment for all positions, i.e. new staff, replacement staff and all appointment types complete the Recruitment form and the applicable supporting materials which are referenced on the form. Then submit your request via ServiceNow on Campus Shared Services website.

For Limited appointments (up to 900 hours) without recruitment, use the Hire Request form. Then submit your request vie ServiceNow on the Campus Shared Services website.