Working @ Haas

Human Resources

Hiring Student Assistant Workers

Hiring a Student Assistant (non-academic)

The Student Assistant series gives campus departments the option to hire UC Berkeley students for various types of jobs on an hourly basis.

To initiate recruitment for a Student Assistant position, Haas managers will complete the Appointment Form for Student Titles and send it to Karese Young in CSS Recruiting Services. CSS Recruiting Services will work with the Haas Manager to coordinate job description and pay scale and then will post the job announcement to appropriate job sites. Once the job advertisement has been completed and a candidate has been identified, the manager will notify CSS Recruiting Services about selection desicion. CSS will send offer letter to student and will coordinate completion of new hire paperwork. Haas manager is responsible for conducting the unit-specific onboarding and reinforcing time keeping and payroll schedule.

Here is the step-by-step process for hiring a student assistant worker.

Hiring a GSI, GSR, or Reader

To hire a GSI, GSR, or Reader, contact Rosina Rocco in the Haas Academic Affairs unit.