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At the Haas School of Business, we take an integrated approach to our curriculum. The 12 core courses required of all full-time MBA students in the first year of study will give you analytical tools and essential knowledge. In your second year, we offer an array of elective courses where you will apply the knowledge gained in the core courses. Because 30 of the 51 total units needed to graduate are electives, you have the flexibility to focus on areas of particular interest, hone specific skills and gain specialized knowledge. You will leave Haas with the understanding and skills to become a well-rounded business leader.

During the Fall semester, which is split into two seven-week modules, you will take:

Data and Decisions (MBA200S) - 2 units
Microeconomics (MBA201A) - 2 units
Leading People (MBA205) - 2 units
Leadership Communications (MBA200C) - 1 unit

Problem Finding, Problem Solving (MBA200P) - 1 unit
Financial Accounting (MBA202) - 2 units
Finance (MBA203) - 2 units
Marketing (MBA206) - 2 units

Your Fall semester courses are taken in cohorts of approximately 60 students. Each cohort is divided into 15 teams of four people. All core courses have one or more assignments you will complete as a team. The cohorts - called Blue, Gold, Oski and Axe - give you plenty of opportunities for academic and social interaction.

In the Spring semester, also split into two seven-week modules, you will take four more core courses. The Spring core courses are:

Macroeconomics (MBA201B) - 2 units
Operations (MBA204) - 2 units

Strategic Leadership (MBA299) - 2 units
Ethics (MBA207) - 1 unit

You will also take at least two electives. These courses typically run the entire 15-week semester. 

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