Haas Newsroom

Ensuring Diversity and Excellence at Haas:
A Statement by Dean Tom Campbell


September 2003

Diversity is an important value at UC Berkeley and at the Haas School, and one that I fully support. We pledge to do everything we can do within UC policy and California state law to ensure that the Haas School of Business achieves a diverse and excellent student body, faculty, and staff.

It is important that the Haas School reflect the different facets of our state, nation, and world. This enhances the richness of our community and improves the learning experience for our students. It is beneficial for our students to learn in a campus community that exposes them to all the elements of diversity that they will find in the working world. Diversity at the Haas School can be measured in many ways:

It is vital that no aspect of the Haas experience involve discrimination against anyone on any of these bases. We need to be vigilant that even seemingly neutral practices that nevertheless impose burdens on any on these bases not be tolerated.


The Haas School is committed to diversity and to the creation of a hospitable and supportive environment for everyone who comes here.

In valuing the contribution of every student, we recognize that a student’s race, gender, orientation, national origin, religion, age, and condition of disability, are part of defining who that student is. Since we value the individual, we value these aspects of the individual, along with other aspects such as a student’s work experience, record of academic achievement, or history of having overcome obstacles. The Constitution of California prohibits us from offering any preference on the basis of race, gender, religion, or national origin, and we do not do so.

I remain open to all suggestions for how we can insure that our faculty, staff, and student body has representation of members of all races and both genders in numbers that reflect a policy of true non-discrimination. Our university, our school, and I, personally, value the diversity of our student body, faculty, and staff, and seek to increase that diversity.

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