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UC Berkeley real estate expert speaks about subprime crisis in Washington D.C



Berkeley, CALIF. -  UC Berkeley Professor Robert Edelstein, a noted real estate professor at the university’s Haas School of Business, joins fellow leaders of the Subprime Crisis Research Council (SCRC) to answer the bottom-line questions about the current housing crisis. Edelstein is Co-chairman of Haas’ Fisher Center for Real Estate. Edelstein and a distinguished group of housing economists will also share their expertise and proposals for achieving sound housing finance policies in the future.


Monday, September 15, 2008
Subprime Crisis Research Council Meeting and Presentation
Hudson Institute
1015 15th Street, NW – Suite 600
Washington D.C., 20005


Edelstein, chair of the White Paper Task Force of the SCRC, will focus on evaluation of strategic policy prescriptions through research and analysis.  Edelstein will present the “White Paper”  findings at the September 15 meeting. Edelstein’s presentation will be followed by a panel of expert “respondents.” The presentation will focus on three interrelated areas:

  1. How do we get into the sub-prime crisis, as well as what are the root causes of the sub-prime crisis?
  2. How do we devise short-term and long-term policy options that will resolve the sub-prime (and other financial) crises?
  3. What are the areas of research that need to be developed in order to enhance our understanding for subsequent policy options? 

The SCRC is a bipartisan group of academic, public policy and practitioner-professional experts; its purpose is to review, discuss, and make recommendations regarding legislation concerning subprime mortgages, the housing market, and the overall financial sector. The SCRC program is funded by a special grant from the Homer Hoyt Institute, an independent nonprofit research and education foundation, and supplemented by industry.


The SCRC meeting will convene with opening remarks by Jack Guttentag of the Wharton School. The SCRC is co-chaired by Susan Wachter, professor, Wharton School of Business and John Wiecher, director, Center for Housing and Financial Markets, Hudson Institute.  The press is welcome at the presentation. A closed session with Congressional staff members follows.


To arrange an interview with Professor Robert Edelstein in Washington D.C., contact:


Pamela Tom
Media Relations/Faculty Research PR
Haas School of Business
University of California, Berkeley