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UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business responds to the US economic crisis at its second financial forum


BERKELEY, CALIF. -  California State Controller John Chiang and Haas real estate economist Kenneth T. Rosen will be the keynote speakers at the 31st Annual Real Estate and Economics Symposium on Monday, November 24, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. , Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco.


The day-long event is sponsored by the University of California’s Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, Haas School of Business.


Chiang is the chief fiscal officer of California, the eighth largest economy in the world. He is the state's independent fiscal watchdog and uses audit authority to uncover fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars, while also providing fiscal guidance to local governments. Earlier this year he locked horns with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, refusing to go along with the governor's plan to withhold paychecks while the state legislature delayed action on a budget.


Rosen, chair of the Fisher Center, will discuss his real estate forecast, based on detailed econometric forecasting models of the sector. He will outline how current economic shifts have changed real estate markets and how turmoil in the residential and commercial real estate financial markets impact overall economic performance.


Robert H. Edelstein, co-chair of the Fisher Center and co-chair of the conference, will join conference co-chair Richard Wollack, co-CEO of Premier Pacific Vineyards, in making closing remarks.


More than a dozen industry experts will discuss the current real estate crisis and economic meltdown at the symposium, covering lessons learned from past economic downturns, how to invest in and finance real estate during turbulent times, and insights on how the current crisis might be resolved.


The speakers include Leslie Appleton-Young, vice president and chief economist with the California Association of Realtors; Luis Belmonte, principal, Seven Hills Properties; Geoffrey Dohrmann, president and CEO, Institutional Real Estate Inc.; Robert Freed, CEO, Summerhill Homes; and Warren E. "Ned" Spieker Jr., partner, Spieker Partners.



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