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Berkeley MBAs Continue to Land Top Jobs


The classes of 2008 and 2009 have shown that Berkeley MBA students continue to land great jobs in industries ranging from consulting and finance to energy and health care. While Executive Director of MBA Career Services Abby Scott foresees a competitive market for the next year or so, she also says “I know from talking with dozens of companies that there is still plenty of room—and need—for MBAs in industry. With Baby Boomers retiring in record numbers, companies are looking to build their leadership pipelines and they will continue to recruit at top MBA programs.”


Students find success, Scott notes, "by staying focused on their goals, making networking a strong part of their job search, and by tapping into the many resources available to the Haas community for support.” Here is a look at how several upcoming and recent grads have landed jobs they love in the following industries:


Financial Services
Consumer Products

Financial Services


Vasiliy Zhulin, MBA 09


Job/Company: Investment Banking Associate/Barclays Capital, New York, NY

What they do: “Provide firms with access to capital and strategic financial advice.”

What he’ll do: “Work closely with clients to ensure all needs are being met, manage multiple client projects, and provide research and financial models to senior management.”

Wouldn’t trade: “Being in the finance industry during this historic time period and getting to watch this sector evolve right in front of me.”

Glad that he: “joined the Finance Club, took Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment Strategies & Styles courses, and participated in Investment Banking brown bag and generic info sessions.”

Advice: “Start early and identify the career path you are most interested in by talking to classmates and attending info sessions. Do as many informational interviews as possible to find out as much as you can about the job and various employers. Practice interviews – both technical and behavioral questions!”


Kevin Kopczynski, MBA 08


Job/Company: Associate/RockPort Capital, Menlo Park, CA

What they do: “ Venture capital investments focused on the energy sector.”

What he does: “ Undertake due diligence on potential investments, source new investments, support current investments by assisting the CEO and Board levels.”

Wouldn’t trade: “Being in a field that fits well with my background technically, academically, and professionally. Having the opportunity to have significant impact on our companies and in the energy sector generally.”

Glad that he: “ Networked, focused, had faith that good would result with due care to items one and two; served as an organizer for the Berkeley Business Plan Competition and as a Haas Venture Fellow.”

Advice: “Think deeply about what you enjoy doing and how it could apply to a profession then demonstrate that you can do that well through what you do with your time as a student. Be creative in seeking opportunities across Berkeley since there ismuch to draw on across campus and beyond.”




Serge Hauert, MBA 09


Job/Company: Associate/McKinsey & Co., Paris, France

What they do: “Management Consulting.”

What he’ll do: “Work with clients to recommend strategies to address various business challenges—from new market entry to internal reorganization.”

Wouldn’t trade: “Getting a job I consider the best for applying the skills I have learned during my MBA, while continuing to learn new ones.”

Glad that he: “Quickly got a feel for what a job in consulting would be like through programs such as Haas@Work and the student-led consulting firm, Berkeley Solutions Group. I also received invaluable interview tips from students from consulting backgrounds.”

Advice: “Talk to a few key people from the companies you are considering before applying, to be better prepared during the interview—but be aware that there is a danger of doing too many informational interviews--so the key is prioritization. Be flexible when it comes to job search. There are many opportunities, and it's in your interest to keep them open as long as possible.”

Jaime Colmenares, MBA 09


Job/Company: Consultant, Bain & Company, São Paulo, Brazil

What they do: “Bain helps companies become more valuable by providing advice on how to deal with business issuesto corporate strategy, change management, mergers & acquisitions and private equity."

What he’ll do: “As a consultant, I’ll be involved in all aspects of the consulting process, including developing a plan to solve the client’s problems, executing the analysis, translating the data obtained into meaningful insights and recommendations, and moving the client to action.”

Wouldn’t trade: “Learning a great deal very quickly about how to lead a business.”

Glad that he: “Participated in the consulting industry information sessions held by the Career Services office and in the case interview boot camp organized by the Consulting Club. Practiced case interviews during my first-year with fellow classmates.”

Advice: “Narrow down your preferred post-MBA career choice as quickly as is reasonable, so you can focus on those industries and those recruiters within those industries as much as possible. In other words, I believe that the “shotgun” approach does not lead to the best results.”

Meera Chary, MBA 08


Job/Company: Consultant/ Bain & Company, San Francisco, CA

What they do: “Business consulting firm.”

What she does: “Perform analysis to solve key business challenges, work with clients to drive to impactful results, work with teammates to collectively create solutions.”

Decided this was the job: “After researching the company and talking with several employees about the fun and challenging work environment.”

Glad that she: “Worked with second-year career coaches who really helped with resume polishing; created a personal “story” so that my cover letter and resume would be compelling; researched the firm and understood why I wanted to work there; honed my interview skills through rigorous case practice.”

Advice: “Pick the options you want the most, and go for them-- you have a better chance at succeeding if you truly want the options you apply for.”

Nakul Lele, MBA 08


Job/Company: Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, San Francisco, CA

What they do: “Management Consulting.”

What he does: “Provide strategy and operations consulting services to clients in the technology, media, telecom and financial services industries.”

Decided this was the job: “After spending my summer in an internal consulting role at Visa, which made me realize that the skills and exposure that I would gain from consulting would be transferable into any strategic role in the future, whether in a startup or in a larger company.”

Wouldn’t trade: “The Deloitte culture, which is very similar to that at Haas—smart, committed, and fun.”

Glad that he: “Attended the Venture Capital Roundtable, which connected me to a very helpful alum at Visa, who directed me to my summer internship; served on the organizing committee of the Consulting Club, which was useful for my consulting applications; and participated in the mock interviews/resume critiques at the Career Center--instrumental in preparing me for my job search."

Advice: “It's never too early to start planning your next few career moves. Don't wait till you've started the semester since you'll be too swamped then and may get confused over the myriad choices of things to be involved in. Also, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call an alum for advice. Finally, it's crucial that your cover letter reveal your knowledge of and interest in the target company and does not simply summarize your resume.”




Clare Carron, MBA 08 


Job/Company: Management Development Program/Abbott Labs, Santa Clara, CA and Chicago, IL

What they do: “A large company with many divisions addressing Diabetes, vascular health, pharmaceutical, and nutrition."

What she does: “ I am in the Management Development Program, which is a rotation program.  Right now I am located at Abbott Vascular, which makes coronary devices for interventional cardiology. I am product manager for Global Drug Eluting Stent Marketing, leading the global re-branding of Xience V. For my next rotation, I plan to be at Abbott Labs (the pharmaceutical division) in Chicago.” 

Decided this was the job: “After a summer internship at Abbott Vascular when I realized how much I would be able to learn though an industry position that I had not yet learned through consulting.” 

Wouldn’t trade: “The opportunity the Management Development Program offers to move through different businesses and gain experience in a variety of business functions.”

Advice: “Remain open to exploring opportunities that you may not necessarily have planned on.  Also, this seems intuitive, but take an honest look at exactly what you would like to be doing in the short term and long term after business school. Think about the best learning opportunities for the short term and how those would position you for long term career aspirations.”

Consumer Products


Silvia Lacayo, MBA 09


Job/Company: Associate Brand Manager, Unilever USA, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

What they do: “Global consumer packaged goods with dozens of brands in the home, personal care, and food categories.”

What she’ll do: “Set the strategy for meeting the dynamic needs of consumers by improving upon existing brands and by creating new brands.”

Wouldn’t trade: “Being part of a well known, well respected global organization with a top notch brand management program and an innovative approach to meeting consumer needs, particularly in international markets. The opportunity to be near New York City and live in a different part of the country.”

Glad that she: “Took on leadership roles such as co-chairing the Global Social Venture Competition’s Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship. This allowed me to show my ability to work with and coordinate dozens of volunteers, panel directors and ensure that hundreds of symposium attendees had a great experience.”

Advice: “Oftentimes, MBAs aren’t ready in the fall to search for jobs, but this is the time when a lot of the big, traditional companies do the bulk of their recruiting, so start early. Go to national conferences in September and October in your first year and definitely in your second year. Start updating your resume the first few week of your first semester at Haas. Start researching the companies you are interested in right away.”



Damon Levy, MBA 08


Job/Company: Senior Account Manager, Wine/Amazon.Com, Seattle, WA

What they do: “e-commerce”

What he does: “ Manage relationships with wineries and other wine businesses.”

Wouldn’t trade: “All that I’m learning and getting to work with such smart people.”

Glad that he: “Networked by talking to a lot of people in the wine industry; took on projects/coursework that demonstrated that this was the path I wanted to take.”

Advice: “Don't be a follower -- seek out the path that fits you, even if it meets resistance initially.  A traditional career search may not be for you. Also, business school is a great excuse to request a meeting or to do project work for a potential employer. Finally, choose a school that will help you reach the career or industry you are seeking -- whether it is geography, alumni connections, or on-campus recruiting, each school has its strengths.”