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2012 Haas News Releases


Winners of 2012 Moskowitz Prize for Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing Study Announced (October 3, 2012)

Winner of Inaugural Fisher-Hopper Prize for Lifetime Achievement in CIO Leadership
(September 17, 2012)

The Evolving Role of CIOs in Organizations (September 5, 2012)

Haas Lures Top Faculty from Harvard, Brown, and MIT (August 20, 2012)

Berkeley Haas Launches New MBA for Executives Program That Focuses on Innovative Leadership (Aug. 14, 2012)

Why are people overconfident so often? It’s all about social status (Aug. 13, 2012)

The Advantages of Being First (July 2, 2012)

Role Reversal: New Book by UC Berkeley Prof. David Vogel Illustrates How the U.S. Lost Its Lead in Risk Regulation to Europe (June 11, 2012)

Neuroeconomics: Studying Brain Responses Gives Marketers Increased Ability to Predict How People Make Decisions (April 24, 2012)

UC Berkeley Startup Competition Features New Products in Medicine, Transportation, Energy, and Entertainment (April 23, 2012)


Haas School of Business’ Global Social Venture Competition Reaches Record 50 Nations (April 11, 2012)


Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA Program to Close in 2013 (March 22, 2012)


Five Finalists Compete for Million Dollar Open Innovation Challenge at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business (March 21, 2012)


UC Berkeley's Energy Institute at Haas presents the 17th Annual POWER Conference on Energy Research and Policy (March 15, 2012)


Impact Investing Challenge: Kellogg School of Management and Haas School of Business challenge graduate students to design investment vehicles for sustainable impact (March 14, 2012)


Open for Business: UC Berkeley’s New ‘Skydeck’ Incubator-Accelerator Inspires Startup Companies to Reach Markets Faster (March 1, 2012)


From Crime to Clean: Unlocking the Potential of Ex-Convicts Through Financial Engineering and Micro-Lending (February 27, 2012)

2011 Haas News Releases

UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business presents the 34th Annual Real Estate Symposium in San Francisco (November 21, 2011)


UC Berkeley Marketing Professor Honored for Pay-What-You-Want Pricing Research (November 14, 2011)


UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business presents the 34th Annual Real Estate Symposium in San Francisco (November 14, 2011)


Conference to Explore Mass Customization and Open Innovation at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business (November 11, 2011)


If I'm Scared, So Are You. Study Reveals How Fear Impacts Stock Market Decisions (November 7, 2011)


Pathbending Leaders to Be Recognized at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business (November 3, 2011)


Chevy Volt Raffle Launch to Benefit Program for College-Bound Youth, GM's Bob Lutz to Announce Winners of Raffle's Social Media Competition at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business (October 27, 2011)


Creative Chef Ferran Adriá whets the appetite of Berkeley MBA students with a taste for gastronomic innovation (October 6, 2011)


What's Next after Dodd-Frank? Find out at the Conference on Systemic Risk and Data Issues (October 5, 2011)


Defining the New Business Leader from Corporate to Community (October 4, 2011)


The Positive Fallout from Nuclear Deregulation: Increased Efficiency and Reduced CO2 Emissions (September 29, 2011)


A Closer Look at Basel III Finds Cleaning Up Regulatory Reform Almost a Wash (September 6, 2011)


Twitter's Biz Stone to Serve as Executive Fellow at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business (August 16, 2011)


University of California Press announces partnership to publish California Management Review (August 1, 2011)


Lessons from the Financial Crisis: What's Good for One Organization Can Topple an Entire Industry (July 20, 2011)


Buying the Same Stock - Again: Pride and Regret Drive Investors' Decisions (June 7, 2011)


UC Berkeley's 16th Annual Fisher Center Real Estate Conference welcomes California Controller John Chiang and Fisher Center Chair Kenneth Rosen's Real Estate and Economic Forecast (May 10, 2011)


Foreclosures: The Real Damage to US House Prices and the Economy (May 7, 2011)


UC Berkeley Business Faculty and Students Win Grants for Innovative Sustainability Solutions (April 22, 2011)


Young entrepreneurs vie for interest and investors at the 13th Annual Business Plan Competition at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business (April 19, 2011)


Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Corporate Responsibility Intersect at UC Berkeley's Global Social Venture Competition & Conference (April 5, 2011)


Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering Program to Celebrate 10 Years (April 5, 2011)


A Case for Network Neutrality: Charging For Fast Content Only Slows It Down (April 5, 2011)


Workplace Revenge: When It's OK to Get Back at a Bad Boss (March 15, 2011)


Closing the Gender Gap in Scientific Publishing: study finds technology helps female researchers boost publishing more than males (February 2, 2011)


Future Berkeley MBA Alumni To Get Lifelong Learning at Alma Mater (January 31, 2011)

2010 Haas News Releases


Naughty Or Nice? A Field Trip Into the World of Cybersquatters and Pornographers Uncovers New Ways to Study Behavioral Economics (December 7, 2010)


UC Berkeley's 33rd Annual Real Estate & Economics Symposium (November 19, 2010)


Berkeley Haas Professor David Vogel to Receive Aspen Institute Faculty Pioneer Award (October 7, 2010)


Former Fed Governor and Berkeley Real Estate Professor Sherman Maisel, 1918-2010 (October 4, 2010)


UC Berkeley study calls for elimination of credit rating-contingent regulation by governments (August 31, 2010)


Stock options improve executive performance but have minimal effect on rank-and-file workers (July 27, 2010)


Effective Senior Leadership and Strategies Depend on Leaders at all Levels of an Organization (July 13, 2010)


UC Berkeley study calls for natural gas pricing reform to facilitate carbon tax policy (July 1, 2010)


UC Berkeley study finds cities with high concentrations of entrepreneurs lure colleagues by providing increased speed and profits (June 10, 2010)


Super-Flexibility: A Business Leader's Toolkit in Dynamic Environments (June 9, 2010)


Two UC Berkeley Accounting Professors Honored for Contributions to Accounting and Governance Research (June 2, 2010)


John Cowee, former dean of the UC Berkeley business school, dies in Denver, Colo., at age 91. (May 20, 2010)


Berkeley Haas Revamping MBA Core Curriculum, Emphasizing Culture to Create Innovative Leaders (May 3, 2010)


Social entrepreneurship continues to be redefined at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business (April 21, 2010)


UC Berkeley's annual real estate conference features topic-driven panels and an economic forecast by keynote Ken Rosen (April 19, 2010)


Computer-driven high speed trading improves market liquidity, according to UC Berkeley finance professor (April 14, 2010)


UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business Rejoins The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management to Foster Diversity (March 30, 2010)


The Energy Institute at Haas presents the 15th Annual POWER Conference on Energy Research and Policy (March 11, 2010)


Berkeley Haas Energy Institute Co-Director to address forecast for state and national energy policy at PG&E Community Town Hall Meeting (February 17, 2010)


UC Berkeley business management professors find counterfactual thinkers are more analytical in organizational settings (February 16, 2010)


Fisher Center Chair Ken Rosen discusses his policy and reform proposals at the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission's (FCIC) first public hearing (January 13, 2010)


2009 Haas News Releases


Bill Lockyer and Ken Rosen to Give Their Outlook for California at UC Berkeley’s 32nd Annual Real Estate & Economics Symposium (November 16, 2009)


Economists find predicting another severe global financial crisis is nearly impossible (November 10, 2009)


New Study Examining Financial Performance, Social Performance, and Social Pressure Wins Prize for Socially Responsible Investment Research (November 3, 2009)


Launch Event of UC Berkeley’s Energy Institute at Haas (October 26, 2009)


Sustainable Energy Initiatives Converge at New Institute at UC Berkeley’s Business School (October 19, 2009)


Why public contracts follow different rules than private contracts (October 15, 2009)


UC Berkeley’s Oliver Williamson shares Nobel Prize in economics (October 12, 2009)


UC Berkeley Real Estate Professor Robert Edelstein on California’s economic future (July 9, 2009)


The Haas School of Business: Well Connected (June 5, 2009)


Insuring Against the Risks of Innovation: A New Way to View Asset Pricing (June 3, 2009)


Winning Social Ventures Build Bricks from Cow Dung and Battle Autism with Video Games (April 27, 2009)


Marketing and Social Networking: when measuring influence, quality connections top quantity (April 22, 2009)


Global Social Venture Competition Draws Record Numbers (April 13, 2009)


On-the-job competence: simply a matter of speaking up (April 3, 2009)


Media Advisory: Real estate, finance, and economics reporters and editors (April 3, 2009)


MBA competition to address D.C. schools performance (Feb. 10, 2009)


Media Advisory: UC Berkeley Professors Discuss Impact of Obama’s Proposals on the Economy (Feb. 9, 2009)


UC Berkeley Real Estate Expert Kenneth Rosen Proposes Housing Policy Options to President Obama (January 28, 2009)


UC Berkeley marketing professors find that even when gamblers predetermine a spending budget, all bets are off after the first loss (January 27, 2009)


Politics Can Influence Who Receives Coveted NIH Research Grants, according to UC Berkeley Study (January 22, 2009)


Media Advisory: UC Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum: Prediction Markets (January 12, 2009)



2008 Haas News Releases


A profitable holiday shopping season depends on manufacturers providing retailers with incentives to forecast demand, says UC business professor (December 19, 2008)


UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business Experts on the Holiday Retail Market (December 19, 2008)


UC Berkeley Business Professor Hayne Leland Honored with $100K Financial Economics Prize (December 9, 2008)


MBA students partner with national lab scientists to commercialize clean tech (December 1, 2008)


Medical Devices Top Intel+Berkeley Technology Challenge (November 20, 2008)


Media Advisory: UC Berkeley’s James A. Wilcox presents “Financial Tsunami Aftermath: What’s Next for Investing, Borrowing,
and Real Estate" (November 18, 2008)


Media Advisory: Intel and UC Berkeley Team up for International Technology Entrepreneurship (November 14, 2008)


State Controller to Headline UC Berkeley Real Estate Symposium in San Francisco (November 13, 2008)


Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen Honored by UC Berkeleyís Haas School of Business (November 7, 2008)


New marketing advice from UC Berkeley’s branding expert David Aaker helps companies during hard economic times (October 28, 2008)


Media Advisory: UC Berkeley experts and chairmen of accounting regulatory agencies gather to discuss the current issues in corporate financial reporting (October 15, 2008)


Media Advisory: The Current Economic Turmoil and the Entrepreneur: the Impact on New Venture Financing and Survival (October 16, 2008)


Media Advisory: Berkeley Digital Media Conference to Explore the Digital Lifestyle (October 14 , 2008)


Media Advisory: UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business responds to the US economic crisis at its second financial forum (October 3, 2008)


UC Berkeley expert and Association of Space Explorers discuss global strategy to defend against incoming asteroids (September 24, 2008)


UC Berkeley expert and Association of Space Explorers discuss global strategy to defend against incoming asteroids (September 23, 2008)


Media Advisory: A discussion on the current financial turmoil with Haas faculty (September 16, 2008)


UC Berkeley real estate expert speaks about subprime crisis in Washington D.C (September 11, 2008)


UC Berkeley study finds Boards of Directors face uncertain futures when companies restate earnings (August 27, 2008)


Goldman Sachs Chief Learning Officer Named Dean of UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business (July 18, 2008)


UC Berkeley Study Finds More MBAS Take the Mommy Track (July 14, 2008)


UC Berkeley Study Suggests The Role of Chief Economist May Be Inflated (July 7, 2008)


Green Building Pays Greenbacks, According to UC Berkeley Study (June 5, 2008)

$2 Million for Sustainability Projects Designed by Students and Faculty (May 1, 2008)

Quok Shee on Angel Island: A new book by Haas administrator Robert Barde tells a sorry tale of immigration, American-style (April 30, 2008)

Clean energy plans dominate 2008 Global Social Venture Competition (Apr. 23, 2008)

April 27 Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum to address transition from labs to the real world (Apr. 22, 2008)

John H. Freeman, business professor and entrepreneurship pioneer, dies (Mar. 7, 2008)

New Asia business center to bolster UC Berkeley's offerings in Asia (Feb. 20, 2008)

Study Finds Cloudy Outlook for Solar Panels (Feb. 20, 2008)

MBA education competition focuses on rebuilding New Orleans schools (Feb. 12, 2008)

Haas School Feb. 5 teach-in on economic slowdown (Jan. 31, 2008)

Sweden's Royal Institute of Technology Awards Prof. Quigley Honorary Degree (Jan. 10, 2008)


2007 Haas News Releases


Prof. Tetlock Wins Prestigious Grawemeyer Award (Dec. 18, 2007)

Inside Innovation Conference to Showcase Business Faculty Research (Nov. 13, 2007)


Media Advisory: UC Berkeley to Host 18th Annual Conference on Financial Reporting (Nov. 7, 2007)


Media Advisory: Finance Conference at UC Berkeley Nov. 9 to Focus on "Balancing Risk and Return Through Innovation"
(Nov. 7, 2007)


New Program to Focus on Sustainable Products, Solutions
(Oct. 30, 2007)

Media Advisory: Inside Innovation Conference Nov. 17 Showcases Faculty Research on Innovation (Oct. 29, 2007)

Center for Energy and Environmental Innovation Launched
(Oct. 24, 2007)

Marketing Professor Explores the Responses Viewers Reap from Scary Movies (Oct. 11, 2007)

$25 Million Gift to Add New Faculty at Haas School
(Oct. 10, 2007)

Asking the Boss for a Raise (Oct. 1, 2007)

Students to Manage Socially Responsible Investment Fund (Sept. 20, 2007)

Last-Minute Shoppers Settle For Less (July 18, 2007)

Location, Location, Location? Globalization of Real Estate Raises Questions about Popular Adage (July 11, 2007)

New Research Finds Red Flags to Uncover Accounting Fraud (July 5, 2007)

Professor Oliver Williamson Named Distinguished Fellow by American Economic Association (May 15, 2007)

MBA Team Revolution Foods Wins Social Venture Competition (April 17, 2007)

Finalists Face Off with Global Social Venture Plans on April 13 (April 6, 2007)

Media Advisory: Women in Leadership Conference on March 3 Focuses on Innovation in Women’s Career and Lifestyle Choices (Feb. 28, 2007)

Venture Capitalist John Doerr Receives Lifetime Achievement Award in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Feb. 28, 2007)

MBA Students Focus on Education Finances (Feb. 26, 2007)

Media Advisory: Young Entrepreneurs at Haas Hosts Program for Youth (Feb. 21, 2007)

Power Breeds Power in Politics, According to New Study of US Congress (Feb. 15, 2007)

Professor Finds Investors Who Buy Shares in Local Companies Fail to Enjoy Superior Returns, and Overall, Trades of Individual Investors Perform Poorly (Feb. 1, 2007)

Media Advisory: Business of Health Care Conference on Feb. 3, 2007 (Jan. 30, 2007)

Some eBay Users Abuse Auction Site's Feedback System, Professor Finds (Jan. 10, 2007)

2006 Haas News Releases

New Study Finds that Lower-Than-Expected Pay for Police Officers Results in Performance Decline (Dec. 19, 2006)

Exporting Services Opportunities for California (Dec. 7, 2006)

Expert Advice: Cruise the Internet Before Buying a Car (Dec. 7, 2006)

Academic Experts Available for Interviews on Holiday Retail Trends, Consumer Behavior, and E-Commerce (Nov. 22, 2006)

Media Advisory: 29th Annual Real Estate and Economics Symposium on Nov. 20, 2006 (Nov. 15, 2006)

Media Advisory: Berkeley Digital Media Conference to Explore the Digital Lifestyle on Nov. 18, 2006 (Nov. 15, 2006)

Aurora Biofuels Team Wins Global Intel, Berkeley Tech Challenge (Oct. 31, 2006)

Haas School of Business Adds New Leadership Course to MBA Core Curriculum (Oct. 26, 2006)

Management of Technology Program Launches Joint Program with e-TQM College in United Arab Emirates (Oct. 25, 2006)

Media Advisory: Intel Corporation and Berkeley Team up for International Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Oct. 26, 2006 (Oct. 20, 2006)

Vanguard Founder to Be Honored at Haas School Financial Reporting Conference (Oct. 18, 2006)

Delegates from China Visit UC Berkeley for New Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights Program (Oct. 10, 2006)

Study Finds Weak Link Between Workplace Diversity and Turnover
(Oct. 5, 2006)

Two UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Professors Negative on Network Neutrality (Sept. 19, 2006)

Powerful People Take More Risks: UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Associate Professor Cameron Anderson Finds a Link between Power and Risky Behavior (Sept. 14, 2006)

Privacy and the Downside of the Right to Remain Silent
(Aug. 31, 2006)

Thirty Leading Experts Call on SEC to Repeal New Stock Options Expensing Rule (Aug. 16, 2006)

Female Life Scientists in Academia File Fewer Patents
(Aug. 3, 2006)

Igniting the Creative Spark in Organizations: Haas Professor Barry Staw Finds Individualistic Culture Promotes Innovation (July 17, 2006)

New Book by Haas Professor Mark Rubinstein Rewrites Some Investment Theory History (July 12, 2006)

Does Trade Affect Child Health? UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Professor David Levine Finds Benefits of Trade for Child Welfare (June 15, 2006)

"Virgin America: Will it Fly?"A talk by Virgin America CEO Fred Reid at the 13th annual Business Forecast Luncheon (May 25, 2006)

A Quixotic Quest for Mutual Fund Stars (May 1, 2006)

Heat or Eat? UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Professor Catherine Wolfram Finds Some Households Cut Spending When Energy Costs Rise (April 26, 2006)

Mobil Medics for India Win Global Social Venture Competition in New York (April 25, 2006)

Haas School to provide training to largest oil company in Norway (March 23, 2006)

Nine Teams to Compete for $45,000 at Global Social Venture Competition in New York on April 7 (March 20, 2006)

Debate on Public R&D Threatens Technology Transfer: UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Professor Weighs in on California Stem Cell Initiative, Public-Private Technology Transfer (March 17, 2006)

Does It Pay to Join the Club? UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Professor Andrew Rose finds that World Trade Organization membership does not increase trade, but European Monetary Union membership does. (March 16, 2006)

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Professor Teck Ho finds trust among strangers gains when stakes grow higher (March 15, 2006)

BlackBerry Case Just One Thorn in Patent Thicket: UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Professor Carl Shapiro investigates how an ailing patent system impedes innovation in the US (March 9, 2006)

Media Advisory: Women in Leadership Conference on March 4 (March 3, 2006)

Does it pay for a business to do good?: UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Professor David Vogel debunks the link between good corporate behavior and profits (February 24, 2006)

Maximizing sales on eBay: UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Professor John Morgan shows sellers how to boost profits on eBay (February 24, 2006)

Media Advisory: IMF's managing director: "Solving the Problem of Global Imbalances" (January 30, 2006)


2005 Haas News Releases

Berkeley Semiconductor Team Wins Inaugural Intel, Berkeley Tech Challenge (November 22, 2005)

Dean Tom Campbell Returns to Haas School of Business (November 21, 2005)

Offshoring won't bring economic doom to United States, researchers say (November 16, 2005)

Richard Holton, former Haas School dean and leader in numerous fields of business, dies at age 79 (October 28, 2005)

Haas School hosts teach-in on Katrina impacts (October 12, 2005)

Media Advisory: Conference to explore emerging markets in China, India, Russia (October 3, 2005)

Will the Bubble Burst? Academic experts at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business Examine the Fragility of the US and Bay Area Housing Market (September 29, 2005)

Haas School of Business alumnus gives $25 million for executive education building (August 9, 2005)

Business school to host leading research prize in socially responsible investing (August 9, 2005)

Intel, Haas join forces to train entrepreneurship faculty around the globe (August 1, 2005)

Media Advisory: State and business leaders come to the Haas School during Haas Alumni Reunion Weekend (May 12, 2005)

Student teams head to Southeast Asia for tsunami rebuilding projects (May 12, 2005)

Harmonic Devices Takes Top Prize at the UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition (May 2, 2005)

Fair Trade Venture Takes Top Global Social Venture Competition Prize (April 21, 2005)

Media Advisory: 2nd annual "Bridging the Divide" conference on technology and the developing world on April 21st and April 22nd (April 8, 2005)

Media Advisory: "Measuring and Reporting Social, Environmental, and Financial Performance" conference on April 9th (April 6, 2005)

International student teams head to final round in Global Social Venture Competition (March 29, 2005)

Seventh Annual UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition Builds on its Past Successes (March 16, 2005)

Media Advisory: 9th annual Women in Leadership Conference on March 5th (March 8, 2005)

Haas School and Optometry business plan (March 8, 2005)

Media Advisory: Asia's Global Leadership: Catch It if You Can," the Berkeley Asia Business Conference coming February 26 (February 21, 2005)

Clausen Center teams up to raise funds to rebuild Sri Lanka (February 9, 2005)

UC Berkeley finalizes plans to renovate Memorial Stadium, build academic commons building serving law and business schools (February 3, 2005)

Media Advisory: Professors From UC Berkeley Available for Interviews About Social Security (January 20, 2005)

Media Advisory: UC Berkeley and ACG Host 2nd Annual West Coast Private Equity Conference on January 19 (January 11, 2005)

2004 Haas News Releases

James Carman, UC Berkeley Business Professor Emeritus and Marketing Expert, Dies (December 16, 2004)

Professor and Alumnus Richard Lyons Appointed Acting Dean of the Haas School (November 24, 2004)

Governor Names Dean Tom Campbell to lead California’s Department of Finance (November 4, 2004)

Media Advisory: UNIDO Director General to Speak Nov. 1 (October 28, 2004)

Tom Clausen to Receive Haas School's Lifetime of Achievement Award (October 25, 2004)

Business Professor Appointed to World Bank (August 18, 2004)

Researchers can now Predict the Outcome of the Olympic Games (August 13, 2004)

Xlab, a New High-Tech Research Facility, Tests Social Science Theories (July 13, 2004)

Solid Fuel Cell Technology Takes First at UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition (May 3, 2004)

Media Advisory: 6th Annual University of California, Berkeley, Business Plan Competition (April 29, 2004)

Global Social Venture Competition Selects International Winners to Launch Businesses Beyond Pure Profit (April 22, 2004)

UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition Announces Finalists; Seven Teams To Present Tech Plans to Public on April 29 (April 15,2004)

Professor Janet Yellen Appointed President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (April 12, 2004)

Global Social Venture Competition Finalists Create Business Value Beyond Pure Profit (March 16, 2004)

Media Advisory: "Building the Promise: Housing Assistance as Social Investment" (March 15, 2004)

United Nations and UC Berkeley to Host Conference on Bridging Global Industrial Divide (March 9, 2004)

Media Advisory: Berkeley Asia Business Conference: "Asia: Bridge to the Future" (February 15, 2004)

Haas School Trio Explores Globalization, High Tech (February 11, 2004)

UC Berkeley’s Haas School Signs Pact to Teach Financial Engineering at Chinese University (January 21, 2004)

2003 Haas News Releases

Media Advisory: Berkeley South East Asia Conference to Explore Doing Business in India (11/21/2003)

Scientific American names two professors at UC Berkeley as among year's top 50 innovators (11/13/2003)

UC Berkeley study assesses potential impacts of “second wave” of outsourcing jobs from U.S. (10/29/2003)

New Berkeley Report Debunks Myths about California Fiscal Crisis, Proposes Rainy Day Fund from Excess Revenues (9/24/2003)

Social Venture Competition Expands Globally with New London Partnership (9/23/2003)

Media Advisory: UC Berkeley's Leading Edge Technology Conference (9/16/2003)

Can money buy happiness? UC Berkeley researchers find surprising answers (6/16/2003)

California State Treasurer Phil Angelides to Speak at UC Berkeley’s Business School Commencement (5/13/2003)

Weight Loss Technology Wins Fifth Annual UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition (4/24/2003)

National Social Venture Competition Announces 2003 Winners; Berkeley Team Wins Top Prize (4/18/2003)

Media Advisory: Six Teams To Compete for $50,000 Top Prize at UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition on April 23 (4/18/2003)

Medical devices lead UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition for 2003 (3/5/2003)

Frederick Morrissey, UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus and Public Power Expert, Dies at Age 82 (3/5/2003)

Media Advisory: Economists Responsible for '2003 Manifesto on the California Electricity Crisis' Host Media Conference Call (2/5/2003)

The World Affairs Council Names Tom Campbell Chairman and Honors Bill Draper for His Leadership (World Affairs Council press advisory.) (1/23/2003)

2002 Haas News Releases

New study by UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University experts explores terrorist insurance market(10/28/2002)

U.S. economy may be headed for another major recession, says new UC Berkeley study (10/9/2002)

National Social Venture Symposium at UC Berkeley to Explore Issues and Metrics in Social Entrepreneurship (9/3/2002)

Crisis in Corporate Ethics Becomes a Top Priority for UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business (9/3/2002)

MBA Students at UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, Meet in Virtual Classroom (9/3/2002)

Media Advisory Attention: Reporters and Editorial Writers Covering President Bush's July 9 Speech on Corporate Responsiblity and Ethics (7/9/2002)

UC Berkeley and National Archives create new database to help trace individuals' immigration to United States (7/1/02)

Stanford Prof. Tom Campbell Named New Haas Dean (5/8/2002)

UC Berkeley B-Plan Competition Winners Announced (4/25/2002)

National Social Venture Competition Announces 2002 Winners (4/6/2002)

Final judging round of the National Social Venture Competition at Haas School of Business (4/1/2002)

National Social Venture Competition draws record number of business plans (2/21/2002)

Current releases