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2017-18 Spot and HEART Awards

The Spot and HEART Award Program recognizes the excellence that exists in all units and job functions at Haas. Any member of the Haas community may submit nominations at any time. The Spot and HEART Award Committee then reviews nominations and recommends Spot and HEART award distribution.

The 2017-18 Spot and HEART Award committee includes: Almadora Henry, Charles Lam, Jennifer Wells, Kate Bonk, Luis F. Ruiz-Plascencia, Melissa Hacker, and Tenny H. Frost.

The committee reviews nominations every two weeks. To nominate a colleague for a Spot or HEART award, please complete the nomination form (provide as much information as possible about the accomplishment) and submit to Alex Austin.

PPSM (PSS and MSP), employees in the Clerical (CX) bargaining unit and student employees are eligible to receive Spot Awards. Represented employees in bargaining units (other than the Clerical bargaining unit) are eligible for HEART awards.

Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) awards allow the campus to acknowledge and reward exemplary performance and contributions by employees.

  1. Spot Awards: ($500): For special contributions to a specific project or task, or group of projects or tasks, accomplished over a relatively short time period. May be awarded to an individual or team.
  2. HEART Awards: These awards let employees know that someone has noticed their outstanding work. At the same time, it recognizes and reinforces the behaviors and values that are important at Haas. Nominees should meet the following criteria in their day-to-day work performance:
    • Collaboration - demonstrates outstanding teamwork in the achievement of campus or department objectives
    • Inclusion - significantly furthers diversity goals and/or makes a major contribution in promoting an inclusive work environment
    • Initiative - demonstrates extraordinary resourcefulness and the ability to act and make sound decisions without direction from others
    • Results-oriented - goes the extra mile to meet a critical deadline or deliverable
    • Service - provides inspired service to students, faculty, staff or the public that goes beyond what is expected
    • Stewardship - implements a process or takes some action which significantly reduces risk on campus (e.g., making information for decision-making more accessible, reliable, consistent, and secure; supporting continuity planning or emergency preparedness; etc.)

Represented Employees (other than in CX bargaining unit) in career, contract or limited term positions, may be nominated for the Haas HEART Award. The winners receive a non-monetary gift. Employees may be nominated by their supervisors, customers or colleagues.