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Chou Hall is a Zero Waste building. By creating a space in which landfill is neither created nor disposed of the Berkeley Haas community is reducing its carbon footprint and deliberately raising awareness. Chou Hall is the first drop in an ecosystem-wide ripple, that will become a wave, and eventually a tide of change. The building will serve as a model for environmental sustainability at UC Berkeley and represents a critical step toward the University of California's Zero Waste by 2020 and Carbon Neutrality by 2025 goals.

TRUE Zero Waste Certification

  • Chou Hall is on track to be the first business school to receive TRUE Zero Waste certification (in the Fall of 2018)
  • Click here for the definition of Zero Waste by the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA)
  • For the TRUE Zero Waste certification, the diversion rate (the amount of material going to compost and recycling versus landfill) must be 90% or more for 12 consecutive months
  • Our Zero Waste Pledge

    First and foremost, Chou Hall is committed to continuous improvement and following the Zero Waste Business Principles. Click here for a detailed list of our Zero Waste Pledges.

    What You Should Know, Specifically for Chou Hall

  • There are no landfill bins in any of the public spaces in Chou Hall except for small receptacles in women's restrooms for feminine hygiene products.
  • Everything generated in Chou Hall (including Cafe Think to-go ware) is compostable or recyclable.
  • Building users are asked to adopt a "Pack-In, Pack-Out" mentality, and take with them any landfill brought into the building. Large solar powered waste compactors called Big Belly units are located near building entrances.
  • There are compost, recycling and mixed paper bins on each floor. There are no receptacles in the classrooms or group study rooms. Here is a sorting guide for compost, bottles/ cans/ metals recycling, and mixed paper recycling.
  • Below is a sorting guide for items from Cafe Think.
  • Event caterers and hosts must adhere to Zero Waste Guidelines and Events Checklist.
  • Bring your reusable water bottle and coffee mug. Receive $0.25 off drink purchases at Cafe Think with your reusable.
  • The different types and properties of compostables are confusing. Here is a guide
  • Purchasing:

  • BearBuy: order school and office supplies, equipment, and catering items (make sure to filter by Product Tag for the green tree and/or green recycle arrows) CampusSurplus: UC Berkeley's auction site for surplus goods on campus
  • ReUse: UC Berkeley's own student-run thrift store
  • Articles

  • Daily Californian: Chou Hall set to become first zero-waste business school building
  • On Track: to be the first "zero waste" business school building in the U.S.
  • Chou Hall Opens: green, healthy, and zero waste
  • Poets and Quants: on track to become the greenest academic building ever
  • Newest Addition to Berkeley Haas: pioneering and leading the way for zero waste
  • Monthly Newsletter Archive
  • The Chou Hall Zero Waste Initiative received a Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS) 2018 Sustainability Award
  • Join the Task Force

    Interested in supply chain management or behavior change? Have ideas on innovative zero waste solutions? Enjoy tackling difficult, but important issues with the ability to have a scalable impact? Email us!

    Haas Green Team

    Green Team Mission

    The Haas Green Team focuses on sustainability initiatives in partnership with Berkeley Haas leadership and the greater UC Berkeley community. Our members volunteer their time towards a two-fold mission: 1) to assist Berkeley Haas in becoming a model of sustainable operations, and 2) to inspire its staff, students, and faculty to incorporate green practices into their offices, homes, and communities.


    The Haas School of Business Green Team was formed in 2012 and is made up of staff members from all Haas departments and MBA students. Courtney Chandler, Chief Operating Officer, and Gerardo Campos, Facilities Manager, serve as the Green Team's sponsors. Danner Doud-Martin, Assistant Director of Operations at IBD, is the current Green Team leader. Danner is also the Staff Lead for the Chou Hall Zero Waste Initiative.

    We are always looking for passionate new members to join the team. If you are interested, please reach out to any of the team's members or email us at

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