Strategic Focus
Haas Courtyard Illustration

Renovated Courtyard Cultivates Community

A larger, more inviting, and flexible outdoor space allows all members of Haas to socialize and share ideas—catalyzing connections that lead to redefining how we do business.

In Spring 2013, the Haas community celebrated the opening of the revamped courtyard. The renovation replaced intrusive elevated planters with smartly landscaped stretches of uninterrupted space shaded by 12 new October Glory maple trees. New stone pavers engraved with the Defining Leadership Principles (shown right) lend a subtle reminder of the culture that unites the school. The tables, already a popular gathering spot for lunches and group meetings, can be configured to accommodate a variety of functions, including career fairs, alumni events, and MBA orientation.

This project was funded entirely by donations from alumni and friends of the Haas School.


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