Strategic Focus
Transforming the Haas Campus

Transform Our Haas Campus

As the centerpiece of our prior capital campaign nearly two decades ago, our award-winning Haas School campus and its three interconnected buildings brought our community together in a dramatic way. When we moved into our current building in 1995, we had 1,300 students in degree programs. Today we have 2,200 students in degree programs and hundreds more in non-degree programs, such as executive education. To continue delivering our programs at competitive levels, we need to upgrade and expand our classrooms and other physical assets to meet evolving needs.

As part of our strategic plan, we are committed to transforming our Haas campus into a space that supports learning, collaboration, and community. The initial phase includes renovating our Haas courtyard into a versatile, open space for campus-wide interaction and gatherings. In addition, by installing air conditioning in the Cheit Hall classrooms, we will guarantee a learning-friendly environment year-round.