Public Photo Archive

Looking for photos of the Berkeley Haas campus, students, the dean, etc.? Depending on how extensive your need for photography is, you may find what you need in our public photo archive (opens Google Drive folder).

Tip: For quick access from your own Google Drive in the future, click “Add to Drive” in the upper right corner.

You may download and use the photographs available in our public photo archive per the following terms and limitations:

  • By downloading these photographic images you agree to use them only in a manner consistent with University of California policy. Unauthorized use may constitute trademark and/or copyright infringement as well as an unfair business practice.
  • All photographs must be identified plainly as portraying the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley.
  • These photographic images are the property of the University of California and may not be used to imply, either directly or indirectly, the University of California's (or any of its subunit's) endorsement, support, favor, association with, or opposition to an organization, product, or service without permission of the school.
  • Commercial use is not permitted without permission of the school. These images are also protected by copyright law.

Access to Complete Photo Library

If you need photos beyond what is provided in the public archive, email us at to request access to our complete photo library.

Our full media library is on an internal server and is only accessible for staff, faculty, and current students.

Guidelines & Tips for Photographers

Berkeley Haas often hires freelance photographers to help us communicate about the school through images. We primarily use photography to

  • Convey to prospective students the Haas experience
  • Showcase the accomplishments in the Haas community
  • Reinforce the image of Berkeley Haas as a premier business school
  • And communicate visually our dedication to our Defining Leadership Principles.

The following outlines some suggestions for a few types of photography we use. Bear in mind that these are not iron-clad requirements but rather suggestions to consider. Photographers and staff must always use their own best judgement based on the specifics of any particular job.

Portrait Photography
Berkeley-Haas portrait photography samples


When photographing alumni, staff, faculty, and students, either individually or in groups, please remember that their time is usually limited, so efficiency is key. Please treat them with respect and courtesy. Do your best to photograph them in a way that is appropriate for their stature.


Do your best to help the subject look relaxed, approachable, and attractive.


For individual portraits, a shallow depth of field can be useful in bringing attention to the subject's face. On bright sunny days, photographing people in open shade can be very nice. If beautiful warm natural light is not available or is not appropriate for specific goals, photographers should feel free to add light—side light, backlight, main lights—to create beautiful portraits. For group portraits, do your best to direct everyone so that the entire face of each person is visible.

Lifestyle Photography
Berkeley-Haas lifestyle photography sample

Imagery that describes visually the excitement and community of Haas is an especially important marketing tool. At times, we ask students to participate in a photography project designed to show them at work or interacting on campus. This kind of pre-arranged and planned imagery is lifestyle photography.


The interpersonal aspect of lifestyle photography is the same as for portrait photography.


It is important that lifestyle photography appear to be as natural as possible. Our ultimate goal is to communicate authentic experience. It may be necessary to pose the subjects. If so, do your very best to make the arrangement appear natural.


If the scene can be illuminated beautifully with natural light, all the better. If additional light is needed, please try to make it appear as natural as possible.

Documentary Photography
Berkeley-Haas documentary photography sample

This type of photography is used when photographing classrooms in session, events, or campus environs without directing subjects.


Always honor faculty requests when photographing in their classrooms. Introduce yourself to the professor before class whenever possible, and notify them of your departure when leaving. Feel free to move around, but do so judiciously, creating minimum disruption. If possible, you can ask the professor to ask the students to move water bottles from the tabletops. Otherwise, and generally speaking, the photographer should not make requests of the students and faculty.


We want to convey intellectual engagement, inspiration, focus, excitement, and camaraderie.


Do not use flash in a classroom.

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