New Thinking for the New Economy is the school’s official tagline.

While there is no official wordmark for the tagline, it may be produced in standard type, using an acceptable font. It is secondary to the school’s official wordmark and should not be used in place of the official wordmark, but may be used along with it.

Using Tagline within Text

When typed out within a body of text—or as a standalone line in an email signature—the tagline should be set in italics and initial caps. For example:

  • Elestem oluptatibus New Thinking for the New Economy poreperor sernatus nonectium fugitat ant expelis ad quis reperae simet et antisseculpa dero officia vellectatem re sequam volore sam ad mos nostincias aperum incit, vellaut officto cusdaest anturio ssequi dem endit qui dolupta ex exerat est, to min ressunt, quiae eum.

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