Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program

Registration & Enrollment

Core Courses

During the first three semesters of the Evening & Weekend MBA program, students are automatically enrolled in the core class sections with their pre-assigned cohort. Students attend these required courses on the assigned days and times with their cohort throughout the first half of the MBA program.

Blue - Monday and Wednesday evenings
Gold - Tuesday and Thursday evenings
Axe - Saturday morning and afternoon
Oski - Saturday morning and afternoon

Fall & Spring Elective Courses

After the Core Curriculum has been completed, students have an opportunity to take any electives regardless of schedule.


The first step in the registration and enrollment process is bidding, where students allocate from their available bid points to indicate the electives of highest interest to them.

If your bids are successful, you will be enrolled in those courses at the end of the bidding period. Bidding occurs during the semester prior to when courses will be offered (ex. during the Fall semester for the next Spring term’s courses).

Why We Use the Bidding Process
Bidding is a mechanism to allocate scarce resources - seats in popular classes, where demand exceeds supply. Professors’ instructional hours are limited by their contracts and other professional obligations, such as research and service in University posts, and the number of seats made available in a given class is carefully considered.

Students are allotted bid points determined by their year in the program so that they can strategically use their bid points to get a seat in the classes of highest interest to them. This provides all students with an equal opportunity to identify a class that is most aligned with their professional career goals and use their bid points to maximize their chances of securing a seat in that class.

As students progress through the program and achieve seniority, the number of bid points made available to them increases, so students who are closer to graduating have the greatest chance of securing a seat in a popular elective.

All students are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisors to identify several elective offerings that would align well with their individual professional goals.


The second step in the registration and enrollment process is Add/Drop, where students have the opportunity to make changes to their existing schedule by dropping courses that were secured during the bidding period that are no longer wanted or that might conflict with work obligations. Students may also add classes during the Add/Drop period, for up to a total of 9 units of credit in one semester.

The Evening & Weekend MBA Program uses the On-Line Registrar (OLR) system, a web-based database for enrollment in Haas elective courses.

Summer Elective Courses

There are opportunities for all students, including rising 2nd years, to take courses in the summer.  Typically courses are offered in a different scheduling format then fall and spring, with most courses offered during block weeks.  Enrolling in courses is done through a sign up process.

Please note, financial aid may not be available for summer courses due to the 6 unit minimum requirement. Please contact the Financial Aid office to discuss your options.