Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program

The Business of Politics: Washington Campus
(2 units)

Winter Break Spring 2019
Dates: Monday January 7, 2019 - Friday January 11, 2019 (pre & post class dates as well, see fact sheet below)
Instructor: David Vogel
2 unit course
Sample agenda from 2017
The Business of Politics - Washington Campus Fact Sheet 2019

Important Dates & Deadlines

Sign Up Process

See registration timeline.

Students expressing interest will be sorted based on program year (i.e. 3rd, 2nd) and selected by lottery drawing (if necessary.) Selected students will receive an e-mail confirmation after sign ups notifying them of their admittance to attend this opportunity. If student interest exceeds course capacity, the Program Office will keep a waitlist. This class is dual-listed with the Full-time MBA program, and the minimum enrollment for this class is 15 students.

No drops are allowed. A student who withdraws from the seminar after confirming their enrollment will be required to pay all fees associated with the program.

Class Sessions

See fact sheet above for all dates

Course Details

The purpose of this class is to familiarize you with national politics and policy making. It particularly focuses on how decisions made in Washington both affect business and are affected by business political activity. Most of the class sessions will take place during the week of Jan 7-11 in Washington DC in coordination with the Washington Campus Program (see below). In addition to both attending and participating in the WC and Haas organized classes, students are responsible for completing all assigned readings and preparing a group project that develops a political strategy for a company or industry.

Washington Campus Program:

During the week, you will hear from policy insiders, ranging from current and former legislators and regulators to government relations and public affairs executives. In addition, you will visit institutions such as the US Congress or Executive branch agencies, and engage in a real-world case study of the interaction between business, politics, and policy. You will learn: the foundations of legislative and regulatory processes; who holds power and what influences decision making; how public policy is influenced by business, media, advocacy groups, lobbyists, and you; the status of important issues of interest to business; how business represents its interests ethically in the political arena; how to assess public policy threats and opportunities; and how to create effective business strategies to impact policy change.

You can learn more about The Washington Campus on their website:

Students are expected to be in Washington DC from January 7-11, 2019. In addition to the seminar, Haas students will have additional class sessions led by Professor David Vogel.

Fees and Other Costs

The course fees for 2 units will appear on your Spring 2019 bill. In addition, students are financially responsible for:

  • Their flights to and from the destination city
  • Cost of transportation, housing and most meals
  • Social activities and other non-academic expenses
  • A separate registration fee ($400) paid directly to the Washington Campus (nonrefundable)

Please note, the EWMBA Program Office subsidizes the tuition the Washington Campus program assesses per student. If a student drops from the Washington Campus course after confirming, he/she will be responsible for paying it back.