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Frequently Asked Questions

Accepting Your Offer of Admission and Other Administrative Issues

How do I accept my offer of admission?

Once you receive your formal admission email from the Admissions Office, you can then formally accept your offer of admission to attend UC Berkeley’s Evening & Weekend MBA Program.

To accept your offer of admission, login to your application status page using the login and password you created for your online application for admission. After you indicate your decision, you will be asked to provide updated contact information (including a current email address, mailing address, and phone number) so you will receive all proper correspondence.

I’ve accepted my offer of admission. What happens next?

The next steps include paying your $1,500 non-refundable deposit* and completing the University of California Statement of Intent to Register (SIR).

*Please note, there will be an additional 2.75% fee charged for those paying their deposit by credit card.

Instructions for these next steps will be sent to you via email. The University is going though an exciting student information systems update, which has updated our historical process. We will provide you clear instructions in the coming weeks for these next steps.

You'll also want to connect with your classmates by attending the Welcome Reception!

There are other things you will need to do to get ready for Haas in the fall. Review the new admit checklist to ensure you are aware of all upcoming due dates and events.

Please be assured that you will NOT be required to enroll for classes before Orientation. Since your first semester courses are required courses, you will be assigned to a cohort and be enrolled in your fall classes automatically.

Why can't I access the UC Berkeley Graduate Division's SIR link from my application status page?

This page will become available after UC Berkeley Graduate Division formally admits you as a student, which occurs on a rolling basis.

If we do not have all of your official documents on file, we cannot enroll you in our system, and you will not be able to complete the next steps for admissions. Please call our Admissions Office with questions. Please do not contact the Graduate Division Office directly.

How do I keep track of all of the things that I need to do before coming to Haas?

Please refer to your admission email for a checklist with dates and deadlines specific to you. You may also refer to the online checklist and the EWMBA logins and passwords.

When do I have to send in my deposit?

The deposit deadline varies by admission date and will be indicated on your admission email and on your status page.

When do I register/enroll for classes?

Incoming students are automatically registered for their first semester of classes.

When do classes begin?

There is a mandatory new student orientation from July 28-30.

The first day of class will depend on your cohort assignment.
Evening cohorts: Monday, July 31 or Tuesday, August 1
Weekend cohort: Saturday, August 12

Who do I talk to about my class selection and course schedule?

Contact your advisor, which is assigned by last name.

A-G: Avni Kansara
H-O: Amanda Gill
P-Z: Rachel York

Avni Kansara
Associate Director

Amanda Gill
Associate Director

Rachel York
Associate Director

Who do I talk to about Orientation, student clubs, facebook, name changes, certificate programs, and/or summer signup?

Please contact the EWMBA Program Team.

When do I take waiver exams for core courses, and how can I prepare?

During the summer, waiver exams will be given for Economics for Business Decision Making (Microeconomics), Marketing and Data & Decisions (Quantitative). In the winter, waiver exams will be given for Macroeconomics, Financial Reporting (Accounting) and Introduction to Finance. Waiver exams are given prior to the beginning of each semester for all of the courses offered that semester. Some courses are eligible for automatic waiver. Review the Waiver Exam Policy closely.

Contact the EWMBA Program Office at (510) 643-9000 for more information.

Where can I access the current student website?

When do I have access to the Career Network?

New students will receive access to CareerNet after WE Launch (Orienation) weekend.

My email and/or phone number has changed, who should I contact?

The best way is to log into your admissions application and click the “Change Address” button.

When can I get my parking permit, Cal 1 card and AC Transit bus pass?

You can obtain your parking permit and Cal 1 card at WE Launch weekend. The Program Office typically distributes the AC Transit bus pass during the first few weeks of the semester. More information will follow in the weekly Bear Necessities e-newsletter.

Is there a phone directory for important UCB contacts?

See contacts.

I noticed that there is an error on the website. Who do I contact?

Report any problems with this web site to

If I have further questions, who should I ask?

If you have any further questions, please contact admissions directly at (510) 642-0292.

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Connect with Students and Alumni

Where do I find more information about Student Groups, and who to contact?

Please visit this page for a listing of Student Groups.

How can I meet and/or connect with current admitted students?

Hopefully, you can attend the Welcome Reception. Also, request to join the EWMBA - Class of 2020 Facebook group. Your request will be approved within 24-48 hours, Mon-Fri.

How can I meet and/or connect with alumni or current students?

The Admissions Office is happy to conenct you with alumni and students who can provide valuable insight about their Haas experiences. Email us at with information about where you live, your industry or field of interest, if you have kids, and/or your alma mater. We'll identify individuals who match your background.

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Who do I contact if I have an issue with or question about my assigned cohort?

Contact Amanda Gill, Associate Director, to make your request.

When will I find out which Evening cohort I am in? (M/W vs. T/Th)?

Cohorts will be assigned after we have received all enrollment deposits. You will be notified by email over the summer.

Can I make a request for a specific Evening cohort?

If you require a specific Evening cohort, please email the Amanda Gill, Associate Director, to make an official request.

However, please note that our goal is to create the most diverse cohorts possible. We ask that you only make this request if absolutely necessary and we will do our best to accommodate it.

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Computing Services

What kind of laptop computer should I buy?

A laptop is an essential tool for success in the program. The below link contains the recommended technical specifications that have been found to be the most effective. Should you have any further questions, please contact the Haas Helpdesk:

Laptop/Notebook PC Requirements

Incoming MBA Technology Solutions Resources

Can I use a Mac?

There are MBA students that use Macs, so you will be in plenty of company! However, Macintosh support from Haas Computer Services (HCS) is limited to Windows emulation (i.e. Windows using Parallels, Bootcamp). Windows can be obtained free of charge*. Best effort support provided for Mac printing and Mac office.
*Conditional upon MSDNAA agreement and license restrictions.

How and when do I have access to the computers on campus? Do I need to register for a login or pay a usage fee?

You will have access once classes begin. You will be able to login using your Haas credentials and you will receive a printing credit.

What is CalNet used for?

CalNet is used to access various campus services including university databases such as bearfacts (for bill payment) and airbears (campus wireless network), and to update contact information. Note this is separate from your Haas email account. When creating your CalNet ID we strongly recommend you use your Haas username as a guide. If your login is already taken, create a similar variation.

Who do I contact if I can't remember my CalNet ID or passphrase?

Please contact the Cal 1 Card Office at 510-642-4126 or by email at

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How do I apply for financial aid?

Financial Aid consists of many different types of aid. Complete information on loan options can be found on theĀ Haas Financial Aid website. The website also links to other financial aid pages on how to apply for scholarships, VA Benefits, and other financing options.

When are fees due? How do I pay for my classes?

Fall fees are due August 15. Visit the financial aid website to learn more about how to pay.

Do I need to pay the semester tuition fees at one time? What kind of billing or payment options do I have?

In addition to paying the bill in full each semester, there is a Deferred Payment Plan.

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Health Care and Other Services

Is my family covered for health care?

No, EWMBA students are no longer automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). At this time, EWMBA students can not opt-into SHIP.

What type of fitness facilities do you offer on campus? May spouses/significant others use these facilities?

The Cal Rec Club offers memberships to students, alumni, and members of the community. Spouses of students are also eligible. Please note access begins in mid-August.

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What kinds of opportunities are there for partners to get involved?

There are a variety of opportunities for partners to get involved including the Partners club, student clubs, conferences, and social functions.

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