Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program



Tool Login Description
bCourses CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Course management system used for class communication & materials.
Grade Letters None Request a grade letter verifying your grade for a course and the cost per class. Does not verify payment.
Haas Online Registrar (OLR) CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Registration site for Haas elective courses bidding & add/drop.
Name Plate & Badge Replacement None Request a replacement name badge or name plate.
Haas Student Directory CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Contact information for Haas students & student profiles. @berkeley Email Address
Password is your last name
Access to course readers & materials. password info here.


Tool Login Description
AirBears2 CalNet ID
AirBears2 Key
UC Berkeley Wi-fi
CalCentral CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Review grades, registration, holds, finances, financial aid, & class schedules.
Haas Event Management System (EMS) Haas Login
Haas Passphrase
Reserve Haas study rooms & meeting/event space.
Legal Name Change None Steps for changing your name in Univeristy and Haas systems.
Order Business Cards None Order Haas branded business card.

Alumni, Extracurricular, & Career

Tool Login Description
@Cal CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
UC Berkeley alumni directory
Campus Groups CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Portal to Haas association & club communication, calendars, & events.
GradMap Facebook/LinkedIn ID
Facebook/LinkedIn Password
Map of your MBA cohort
Haas CareerNet CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Career management portal for MBA alumni & students

Email & Collaboration

Tool Login Description
bConnected & bMail CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
bMail (Gmail), bCal (Calendar, & bDrive (Google Drive) access. Your official Cal @berkeley email addresss.
Box CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Cloud storage & content sharing drive.
Google Hangouts Meet or
CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Video conferencing services. More info here.
Adobe & Microsoft Office Software CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Complimentary copy of Adobe Creative Suite & Microsoft Office