Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program

Study.Net Basic Instructions

Viewing Study.Net Materials in bCourses

In order to view Study.Net materials in bCourses, students must change their default email address in bCourses to their @berkeley email address. Students are enrolled in Study.Net courses with their @berkeley email address.


Accessing Course Materials

Via bCourses

Log in to bCourses and navigate to the desired course. Click on the " Materials" module in the course navigation.

If a student's default email address in bCourses is set to their @berkeley email address, materials for currently enrolled courses will appear. Please see below for how to manually add courses, for instance, during Add/Drop for electives.

To change the default email address in bCourses, go to Accounts > Settings > Ways to Contact. To set an email address, hover over the email address and click on the star.

Log in directly to Study.Net

Your Study.Net course list has been pre-populated with the core courses and electives you successfully bid on, when your instructor is using Study.Net. Please go to and login with the following information.

  • Email Address: your @berkeley email address
  • Password: your last name, lower-case (example: John Smith = smith).*

*You may change your password to something more secure by going to User Info.

If you are unable to log in, you may also manually register with your @berkeley email address. You will only have access to courses free of charge with the @berkeley login. Please select University of California, Berkeley as your school. If your courses are not pre-populated, please see "Manually Adding Courses" below.

View Course Materials

  • After login, click "COURSES" in the header.
  • Highlight a course name and click "View Course."
  • Click the "Materials" tab.
  • Click a material name to view that particular material.
  • Click the "How-To" link (above the course material list) for tips on how to manage (i.e. view, print, save and annotate) your course materials.

Material Formats

Zip Files

  • You can download all or most of your course materials at one time by using the "Download Zip File" feature at the bottom of the course materials list.

PDF eBooks

  • When this option is available, click "Download eReader File" (at the bottom of the course materials list) to view a single paginated PDF of all the course materials in a course.

Printed Hard Copies

  • An optional, free, printed copy (TEXTPAK™) of your course materials can be ordered directly from Study.Net at the time of your initial purchase or anytime thereafter.
  • Go to the Materials tab of your desired course.
  • Click the link to Purchase a Printed TEXTPAK in the top right corner.
  • Click the check box next to "Order printed TEXTPAK" then Proceed.
  • Select your desired options then Proceed to Checkout.

Add/Drop Period

During the add/drop period for electives, you are welcome to access up to 8 MBA courses (listed on Study.Net) at one time. However, you must manually add new courses to your Study.Net course list as there is no direct link with the Haas registration system. Please follow these steps to access a new course:

  • After login, click the link Purchase or access materials in a new course.
    Purchase or Access New Courses
  • Click the desired course name, then click "Add to Cart."
  • You will be prompted for a course password. The standard password for all EWMBA courses is "bears."
  • Printed course readers (i.e. TEXTPAK) can be ordered once the add/drop period ends and enrollment has been finalized. EWMBA students can order one optional TEXTPAK at no charge for each of their officially enrolled EWMBA courses.
  • If you want to remove a course from your Study.Net course list during the add/drop period, please email



  • Most browsers will run if they have been updated recently. Chrome or Safari are recommended. If there are any issues, please check the right side of the URL bar. An icon occassionally appears that one must click on in order to allow Study.Net to load properly. If this is not the case, then we suggest clearing the web browsing history and cache.


  • If you need to reset your password, please email
  • If you do not see any of your courses listed, please try manually adding courses (see above). If you do not see any courses listed under EWMBA, please contact the EWMBA Program Office at

Download as PDF.