Jeffrey Kuhn

Jeffrey Kuhn

PhD Student, Business & Public Policy

Previous degrees:
BS, Mathematics & Computer
Science, BA, Psychology, Purdue
JD, University of California at
Berkeley School of Law

As a former patent attorney, Jeffrey Kuhn saw the impact of government policies on innovation and competition. His PhD studies will allow him to merge the legal perspective with rigorous research to analyze and propose improvements to the law.

"The Bay Area is the most dynamic environment for studying how technology, business and public policy influence each other. You won't find such a vibrant combination of the private sector and academia working so closely together anywhere else. "

"The Berkeley Haas PhD curriculum combines theoretical and empirical analysis for a thoroughly grounded approach. Beginning in the first year, students are immersed in the foundational literature of the field. We learn how to look at the same subject from many different perspectives and analytical lenses."

"My classmates all work together and support one another. Many of us are at different points in our lives — married, parents, single — but there is a real feeling that we are all in this together. "

"Professor John Morgan's course in Mechanism Design and Contract Theory was extremely useful. It was designed to teach us how to develop theory and research ideas on our own. I think such an approach is rare in a first-year class. "

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