Jennifer Logg

Jennifer (Jenn) Logg

PhD Candidate, Management of Organizations

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Previous degree:
BA, Psychology, Rutgers University

The Berkeley Haas PhD program attracted Jenn Logg because of the original research being done on social cognition. " I like being a student in the business school because this is where I want to focus my research," she says. " I also enjoy having the flexibility to take classes in other departments like Psychology and Marketing."

"I think of research as a way to tie different theories together. Each theory leads you to a new area or a new question. That ensures that you are a Student Always."

"I'm fascinated by the idea of overconfidence; both as a bias and how it can affect status in a group. The research at Berkeley Haas on the topic is exciting and I am thrilled to already be involved in research with Professors Don Moore and Cameron Anderson, and Liz Tenney, a post-doc. "

"I felt at home right away on campus. My classmates, the faculty and staff are the most welcoming people. "

"You see Confidence Without Attitude everywhere here. The Professors are brilliant, but down to earth. The students are also smart and insightful, but very welcoming and supportive. "

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