Scott Roeder

Scott Roeder

PhD Candidate, Marketing

Previous degree:
BA, Psychology, University of British Columbia

Human behavior fascinates Scott Roeder. Building on his undergrad explorations of consumer behavior, Roeder plans to use his Berkeley Haas PhD studies to apply psychology to real-world problems in marketing and advertising.

"The Berkeley Haas PhD curriculum is rigorous, and even in the first year you are encouraged to start thinking along research lines."

"UC Berkeley is one of the best research institutions in the world, including its departments of Psychology and Sociology. A number of the professors here have research interests that align with mine. Being a Berkeley Haas student gives me access to some of the best social-scientific minds around, people like Professors Eduardo Andrade, Leif Nelson, and Clayton Critcher."

"There is a real open-door policy here, with faculty and among the students. No one withholds information or ideas. There is no competition. That is what having Confidence Without Attitude is about."

"Right now, I'm interested in interpersonal social signals, things like the photos people choose for their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, what those photos signal, and how such signals are interpreted by others. It could have very practical applications for advertising and marketing. "

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