Alumni Forums for Haas Graduates

Alumni Forums are comprised of 8-12 Berkeley Haas alumni and meet monthly to address personal and professional growth opportunities for its members. Haas is the second business school after Harvard to launch this exclusive program.*

Berkeley Haas Alumni Forums offer a unique way to leverage the Alumni Network

Visit the Berkeley Haas Forum website for more information or email our Alumni Relations representative Alumni Relations Office

Members benefit from the perspectives that other alums bring to the table

"My participation in Alumni Forums has impacted my success as CEO of my firm. Prior to joining Forum, I had few to no outlets for key insights, guidance, or ideas, to address the many singular challenges in my role. As most know, it is difficult if not impossible to have confidants inside the business. In addition, I need to maintain an objective, healthy and productive relationship with my Board, so am selective about information shared up, down and across my organization. That said, there are situations and challenges that benefit from peer input. Forum is the outlet for this."
                      - Kerry Barrett, Evening Weekend MBA, '12

For more information check out this article from the Berkeley Haas Magazine.

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*As a Premium Program, this opt-in service requires additional participation fees.