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8:30 am
    Registration & Continental Breakfast
O'Donnell Courtyard & Bank of America Forum
9:30 am
Welcome & Keynote Address
The Berkeley Leader: Live!
A Conversation with Dean Rich Lyons, BS 82, and Chancellor Carol T. Christ

Rich Lyons, BS 82, Dean, Berkeley Haas
Carol T. Christ, Chancellor, UC Berkeley

The stage is set. Hear the Haas School's rock star dean and chief purpose officer in conversation on leadership and culture with UC Berkeley's first female chancellor. You don't want to miss this—Dean Lyons' final act.

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Andersen Auditorium
10:30 am
O'Donnell Courtyard & Bank of America Forum
10:45 am

    Choose from concurrent conference sessions. Session preferences will be requested during registration. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis.

    The FinTech Revolution

    Gregory La Blanc, Lecturer
    Location: Andersen Auditorium

    We are currently undergoing what many people refer to as the fourth industrial revolution. As with previous industrial revolutions, this one is accompanied by a financial revolution. The exponential increase in the availability of data as well as the rapid growth in computing power is leading to a dramatic digital transformation of banking, investment management, payments, insurance, credit, and even money itself. This talk will offer a brief tour of how financial markets and institutions are changing with particular attention paid to blockchain technology and decentralized ledgers. While much attention has been given to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain may have an even greater impact on the size and scope of firms, the nature of contracts, and the financing of industry supply chains. These changes may dramatically affect the process of financial intermediation and the provision of credit in the economy.

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  • Beyond Design Thinking

    Sara Beckman, Senior Lecturer and Earl F. Cheit Faculty Fellow
    Location: Spieker Forum, 6th Fl (Chou Hall)

    Design thinking seems to have taken the world by storm as hundreds of companies puzzle over how to integrate it into their organizations. Some claim outstanding results, others less so. In this session, we will dig under the hype, identify the core elements of what design thinking represents, and examine the path design thinking might take to be meaningful and useful in the future.

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  • Alumni Panel: Which Energy Boom Will Come Next?

    Moderated by Severin Borenstein, E.T. Grether Professor of Business Administration and Public Policy, and Research Associate, Energy Institute at Haas
    Location: N500 (Chou Hall)

    Panelists include:

    • James Cook, FTMBA 99, Director of Business Development, First Solar

    • Merrian Borgeson, FTMBA 08, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council

    • Samantha Gross, FTMBA 02, Energy and Foreign Policy Fellow, Brookings Institution

    The Trump administration is throwing increasing support behind coal and nuclear power, while the fracking revolution holds down oil and natural gas prices driving-up their consumption, and solar and wind power costs continue to decline. Energy storage is starting to look like it could become competitive--both on the grid and in electric vehicles. How should we expect the energy mix to evolve over the next decade (and beyond)? Professor Severin Borenstein, who teaches Energy & Environmental Markets, will discuss the question with Berkeley Haas alumni working across the energy industries.

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  • Business Strategies for Investing in Equity & Inclusion

    Kellie McElhaney, Associate Adjunct Professor and Founding Director, Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership

    Location: N400 (Chou Hall)

    The business case for investing in diversity and inclusion (D&I) has never been stronger. Globally, gender equity is linked to higher per capita income and faster growth. Companies with diverse leadership demonstrate a stronger financial performance, high levels of innovation, and gains in productivity. Despite this strong case, progress has stalled, if not regressed. We will look at data supporting improving D&I, and learn best strategies from leading companies and individual leaders.

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See session for specific location.
12:00 pm
Lunch & Alumni Benefits Expo

Enjoy lunch in the courtyard with fellow alumni as well as conference speakers and student participants. Over lunch, learn more about your alumni benefits by visiting any number of the information tables in the Bank of America Forum highlighting Executive Education discounts, career and professional development resources (including LinkedIn profiles reviews!), alumni chapter opportunities and events, and more.

O'Donnell Courtyard & Bank of America Forum
1:30 pm

    Choose from concurrent conference sessions. Session preferences will be requested during registration. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis.

    An Update on the World Economy

    Andrew Rose, Professor and Bernard T. Rocca, Jr. Chair in International Business & Trade
    Location: Andersen Auditorium

    Professor Andy Rose, longtime instructor of the Berkeley MBA core curriculum Macroeconomics course, reviews the state of the world economy. Rose's talk will explore the economic risks facing us including the unsustainable Chinese debt, an American-driven trade war, Brexit and the crisis in the Eurozone, and a major rise in commodity prices.

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  • Negotiations and Influence: Improving Your Everyday Negotiation Skills

    Holly Schroth, Senior Lecturer
    Location: Koret Interactive Center

    Given the nature of this session, space will be limited.

    On the job and in our personal lives, we all need a broad array of negotiation skills in order to get our solutions accepted and implemented. Using a simulated negotiation exercise, you will be introduced to a "basic toolbox" of negotiation skills and learn how to negotiate more effectively in both collaborative and competitive situations. In the process, you will explore your negotiation style and gain a greater appreciation for the importance of planning and preparation, "expanding the pie" (or ways to increase value), and developing strong working relationships. Come prepared to gain greater confidence in your ability to negotiate and manage conflict!

    Alumni Panel: Emerging Innovations in Commercial Real Estate

    Moderated by Evan Schwimmer, FTMBA 10, Senior Vice President, The John Buck Company
    Location: N500 (Chou Hall)

    Panelists include:

    • Nav Athwal, Founder, RealtyShares and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, MetaProp

    • Laura Billings, FTMBA 03, Principal, Sage Green Development, LLC

    • Jason Dries-Daffner, Director of Operations, Perkins+Will

    • Michael Yarne, Co-Founder, Social Construct Company
    Learn how change agents are transforming the real estate industry in a wide-ranging panel discussion with leading innovators in commercial real estate.

    Your Career in HD: Bringing More Clarity, Color, and Vibrancy to Your Next Career Episode
    Facilitated by Lara Klein, Associate Director, MBA Career Management Group & Linda Yach, Associate Director, MBA Career Management Group
    Location: Wells Fargo Room

    In this interactive workshop, you will get in touch with what's truly important at this point in your life, identify your next career goal, and brainstorm strategies and tactics to achieve it.

    Outcomes of the workshop:

    • Take an inventory of components of your life currently
    • Establish your priorities for your next career move
    • Determine strengths/skills you want to take forward
    • Identify areas you are interested in and articulate a related goal
    • Pinpoint strategies and tactics to move you forward

See session for specific location.
2:45 pm Break O'Donnell Courtyard & Bank of America Forum
3:15 pm
    HaasX: Ideas Worth Sharing

    Emceed by Kellie McElhaney, Adjunct Associate Professor, Institute for Business & Social Impact and Founding Director, Center for Equity, Gender, & Leadership

    The pace will be fast. The ideas will fly. Join an extraordinary group of Berkeley Haas alumni who will, in five minutes or less, share ideas that challenge our assumptions. These speakers conclude the day with presentations that inspire, engage, and provoke conversations that matter.

    • "The Rise of the Individual in the New World of Work", Josh Bersin, EWMBA 88, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte
    • "5 lessons and tales from Xbox, Zynga, YouTube and the Valley", Manuel Bronstein FTMBA 03, Vice President, Product, YouTube
    • "Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than You Think: AI in the Enterprise", Sangeeta Chakraborty, EWMBA 06, Chief Customer Officer, Ayasdi
    • "Liberating brilliance in the darkness of prison", Mariette Fourmeaux du Sartel, FTMBA 08, Founder, Brilliance Inside
    • "Can You Go Through the Wall?", Kurt Huffman, FTMBA 08, Managing Partner, ChefStable LLC
    • "Leading Myself: A Surgeon at Haas (not what I expected)", Dr. Wolfgang Stehr, M.D. & EMBA 16, Pediatric Surgeon, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital
    • "50 Markets in 10 Months: LimeBike's Impact", Toby Sun, FTMBA 13, CEO & Co-Founder, LimeBike
    • "An Attempt At On-Campus Interview Redemption: The 5 Most Profound Medical Technologies In Our Future", Leslie Trigg, FTMBA 98, CEO, Outset Medical Inc.
    • "Travel Off The Eaten Path", Aashi Vel, FTMBA 13, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Traveling Spoon
    • "The Road Less Traveled: Working in Cannabis", Caroline Yeh, EMBA 15, Product Development Manager, Bloom Farms
    More speakers to be confirmed.

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Andersen Auditorium
5:00-6:00 pm
    Conference Reception

    Conclude your day on campus with invigorating conversation and a cold drink. Meet fellow alumni and featured speakers.

O'Donnell Courtyard