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Pax Beale, BS, is a former Mr. USA national bodybuilding champion, and the author of the book, Body for the Ages. He is recognized as the first formal triathlete and the only person ever to swim Alcatraz at night - in December, no less, with no wet suit or fins. He raced a 30,000-ton ocean liner to Alaska on a bicycle and won, and has run from Death Valley to the top of Mt. Whitney in the killing heat of summer. In 1991, he had a five-way coronary bypass procedure and two years later had use of only 25 percent of his maximum heart function. But by 1995 his cardiologist found he had completely normal cardiac function. A wellness and longevity expert, he has developed a series of nutritional supplements and now is president and CEO of Beale Research Center in San Francisco.




Roderic Duncan, BS, retired after 20 years as an Alameda County Superior Court judge in 1995. His new book, A Judge's Guide to Divorce: Uncommon Advice From the Bench (Nolo, 2007) points out the frailties of divorce courts because they attempt to process a highly personal matter in the same adversarial mold used for all of the rest of the court's business. He urges readers to settle their cases outside of the courts through mediation or collaborative law and then to ask a judge to rubberstamp approval. Rod and his wife, Carol Bates Thompson (Cal, 1962), live near the campus and are much involved in the lives of seven grandchildren and step-grandchildren.




Merlin (Bud) Henry, Jr., BS, "My retirement includes traveling, tennis, and volunteering in the Orange County community. I just returned from a wonderful Bear Treks Civil War trip from Atlanta to Washington, DC and later this summer will take a barge trip from St. Louis to Cincinnati. Our 17th grandchild will be arriving in October. I am hoping Dean Campbell will make a return visit to Orange County in the not too distant future."



Roy Elliott, BS, retired as senior vice president of Bank of the West after 45 years in banking. He plans to stay in Lafayette and play golf, play with grandchildren, and root for the Bears. His wife, Ann, formerly Ann Robertson class of 1962, recently retired from teaching. His son, Scott, class of 1988, is a partner in the law firm of Ropes and Gray in San Francisco, and his daughter, Stacey, UC Davis class of 1990, lives in Danville with her three daughters.


A new book by Robert Mayer, BS, How To Win Any Negotiation Without Raising Your Voice, Losing Your Cool, Or Coming To Blows (Career Press) is a top seller published in six languages. Larry King called it "an important and most helpful book for everybody. It delivers more power to you." Mayerís 2005 book, How To Win Any Argument Without Raising Your Voice, Losing Your Cool, Or Coming To Blows is now published in nine languages. His Web site is




Carlo Americo Odella, BS, continues to own and operate Europamerican Tile and Marble ( in Dayton, Ohio. He and his wife, Sheila, have spent a portion of the last two winters in Australia, New Zealand, and Capetown, South Africa, and in the spring were in Budapest, Hungary, enjoying a vacation and visiting their children.




John Anderson, BS, MBA, see MBA 1973 notes.


Gary Kress, BS, writes, "After Berkeley I went to law school but never practiced law. I spent 20 years being a CPA at a Big Eight firm and in my own practice. I sold the firm over 10 years ago and became an investor. I have enjoyed the slower pace and watching my kids grow up. My investing partner and best friend is Ken Hart, MBA 74."




Randall Larsen, BS, MBA, see MBA 1974 notes.




Randall Hedrick, BS, writes, "After a rewarding 20 years in business, I decided to pursue a different path. I have been serving as a chaplain for VistaCare hospice in Reno, Nev., for the last seven years upon graduating with a Master of Divinity degree from seminary."




Joseph Daly, BS, is RVP of Black Box Network Services for the 11 western states. He writes, "I am riding in the June AIDS/LifeCycle 6 to bring awareness and needed funding for this worthy cause ( Our daughter, Lauren, is a junior at Cal, studying abroad this year in Madrid while her brother, Colin, is a freshman at Chico State. My wife, Diane, has returned to work at the Admirals Club for American Airlines. Go Bears! Time to pack for the Rose Bowl in '08!"




Jeffrey Lerman, BS, is president of the Marin County Bar Association and managing partner of Lerman Law Partners LLP. He is married to attorney and law partner, Michelle Lerman, and has four children ages 11 to 20.


Gary Bradus, BS, was named managing partner at Weintraub Genshlea Chediak, a business law firm in Sacramento. Gary has been a partner with the firm since 1996 and continues to practice in the corporate, banking, and merger and acquisition groups at the firm. He is married and has three children, (19) (6) and (2), all currently living at home.




Debra (Fink) Bogaards, BS, writes, "As I approach my 50th birthday and my youngest daughter, Danielle, has been accepted as an incoming freshman at Cal, I feel very fortunate for enjoying a wonderful life. Last year and again this year, I have been selected as a SuperLawyer in San Francisco, and Top 50 Women Lawyers. Just goes to show that the fierce determination and persistence that I used on Ruth Nice to get into Cal's business school paid off, and has done well for me in litigation! My sorority sister Nora Levy and I reunited when her daughter became a coxswain for my daughterís boat at Marin Rowing Association. My husband, Pieter, and I are looking towards our 25th anniversary. My eldest daughter, Jamie, is at U of O, and enjoys my love of stilettos and shopping! I have been practicing law for over 25 years, and still have a passion for trials. My major in accounting taught me so much in terms of organization and detail, so my years at Cal have been good. Anyone reading this who would like to get together and reminisce about Beta Alpha Psi, or better yet, tailgate parties before games, please feel free to e-mail."




Paul Churchill, BS, writes, "I am a partner with Goodwin Procter LLP, a national law firm with 750 attorneys and offices in Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. I am a member of the firm's Real Estate Practice Group, a member of the executive committee, and chair of the San Francisco office. I still live in Berkeley with my wife, Shelly Ross, and my 16-year-old daughter, Elsa, who attends Berkeley High School. My 19-year-old daughter, Cassady, is a freshman at Cal."




Steven Peletz, BS, see MBA 1999 notes.


Wendye Robbins, BS, of San Francisco writes, "I am enjoying life as a biotech CEO at my second startup. I am also attending and teaching as a clinical faculty member at Stanford in the medical school. My kids are now pre-teens and I am truly enjoying watching them grow up. We are regulars at home football games at Cal. Best wishes to all."




Jeff Morgen, BS, is vice president, finance at Bella Pictures Inc., a venture-backed digital media company focusing on the $4 billion wedding photography segment. He writes, "I'm living in Marin County with an amazing wife and daughters."




Scott Sachs, BS, was named managing partner of the Good Swartz Brown & Berns LLP in the San Fernando Valley office. He has been a partner at GSBB for five years. Prior to joining the firm, he was a partner at Arthur Andersen LLP in the firm's Woodland Hills (Los Angeles) office.


Joann (Martens) Weiner, BS, of Washington, D.C., published her first book Company Tax Reform in the European Union (Springer: New York, 2006). This book draws from the experiences in the American states and Canadian provinces to provide guidance to the European Union as it sets out to create a new way of taxing multinational enterprises. The book draws from the author's Ph.D. dissertation Company Taxation for the European Community. How Sub-National Tax Variation Affects Business Investment in the United States and Canada. (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, 1994).




Richard Pearson, BS, MBA, see MBA 1998 notes.




Kirk Crenshaw, BS, of San Francisco writes, "My wife and I welcomed Scarlett Allena Crenshaw into the world on June 22, 2006, and Iíve been working diligently to get a new company off the ground, Demandbase ("


Merit Herman, BS, moved from Danville, Calif., to Anderson, S.C., in 2006 but writes he is likely to return soon to cheer on the Bears. He is senior managing partner of Precision Consulting Inc. He and his wife, Kimberly Ann, have twins, son Preston Royce and daughter McKenna Bliss, born March 20. He does volunteer work with PCI Foundation and Habitat for Humanity.


Vidya (Ramanjaneya) Kagan, BS, and her husband, Steve, welcomed their son, Brady, into the world on March 14. Brady and his big sister, Reena (3 1/2), are training to be avid Bears fans. The family lives in Needham, Mass.


A.T. Kippes, BS, was featured on Good Morning America Weekend Edition in March. He is an attorney with The Business Litigation Group in San Francisco.




Cohen & Gardner, LLP, the entertainment law firm founded by Jeff Cohen, BS, of Beverly Hills, is entering its fifth year. In the past few months, Jeff's clients and projects have been nominated for three Golden Globes and two Emmy Awards. Additionally, Cohen & Gardner had two films premiere at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and two shall premiere at 2007 Cannes. A recently completed film of note for the firm is "My Blueberry Nights," directed by firm client Wong Kar-Wai and starring Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, and singer, Norah Jones.




Jesse Wilson, BS, writes, "After working in the tech industry for five years in the Bay Area, I moved to New York to pursue my MBA and graduated from NYU in 2005. Since graduation, I have been working for Time Warner in corporate finance here in New York. Living in New York is a great experience, and working for Time Warner is getting me a lot of exposure in the entertainment industry. I wish to continue working in the entertainment business going forward. I love being part of a company that touches and entertains millions of people everyday. I do miss California, however, especially going to watch the Cal football games with my family. Go Bears!"




Alice Chen, BS, and Alan Lee, were married September 30, 2006, in Alhambra, Calif. Alice works in marketing at American Express, and Alan works in sales and business development at Legg Mason. They live in New York.




Lily Dawis, BS, of Jakarta, Indonesia, writes, "I am happily married for two years to Sugianto Kolim and have recently welcomed our beautiful baby daughter, Kyra. Career-wise since 2002 I have been a director in my family's property development company (developing malls, apartments, hotels, etc. in Jakarta, Bali, and Singapore). Lately I have been super inspired by Kyra, and have been writing children's stories and songs. I am working on publishing the works sometime in the very near future."


Kingston Wu, BS, writes, "My life has come full circle since graduating Haas in 1999. Professional aspirations took me from San Francisco to DC in search of my place on the corporate ladder. Personal considerations eventually brought me back to the Bay where I'm working as an accounting/finance consultant for the Siegfried Group while attending the Haas Evening & Weekend MBA program on Saturdays. Still unsure of what I'd like to do for my next 30 working years, I've vowed not to ponder the question inside a cube and have started a travel-focused social community for Asian young professionals - - with two fellow Haas MBAs. The intent of the business is to bring together disparate groups of young professionals for group travel, and allow these adventurers to meet and maintain contact online. The idea isn't new, but the niche certainly is. While the site will be in development for the foreseeable future and evolve as conditions warrant, I welcome everyone to visit the site and provide feedback. Lastly, if your professional or personal commitments ever bring you by Santa Clara, feel free to drop me a line. Just be prepared to have me chat up a storm about"




Daniel Phung, BS, married his college sweetheart, Carolyn Pan, in Tilden Park April 14. After finishing his MBA at MIT Sloan in June 2006, he started working at as the director of business development and strategy.




Nicole Wong, BS, was named one of the country's top 30 business reporters under age 30 by the TJFR Group/NewsBios. The San Jose Mercury News reporter received this recognition in April for her in-depth coverage throughout 2006 of how Hewlett-Packard has been reshaping its worldwide workforce and subtly changing the way it does business as opportunities arise from technological advances and pressures mount from global competition. Her stories about HP, the world's largest technology company based on revenue, ranged from a data-driven examination of how HP was intentionally churning its workforce to fuel its financial turnaround to an up-close-and-personal look at the psychological coping strategies adopted by people who were laid off from HP, which has passed out more pink slips than any other Silicon Valley company between 2000 and 2007.




Natalie Melamed, BS, writes, "Since getting married in October 2005, I concentrated on enjoying my life and especially on traveling the world with my husband, Alex, and with my friends, and on volunteering. I visited China, Costa Rica, Thailand, Japan, UK, Tahiti, Spain, Germany, and Russia - all for fun! Over a year ago, I got involved with an outstanding nonprofit, Upwardly Global. This organization helps highly qualified foreign-born professionals to restart their careers here in the United States. Please visit them on You can make a difference in someone's life and career. After several years at Ernst & Young, I am now working as a senior accounting manager at Tumbleweed Communications in Redwood City. Look me up and let's go for lunch if you are in the area."


Samir Shah, BS, writes, "I will graduate from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine with my M.D. on May 18, 2007. Then I will start my one-year internship at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. After that year, I will spend the next four in Memphis, Tenn., at Baptist Memorial completing a diagnostic radiology residency program."




Amit Sura, BS, writes, "Who would have thought graduating from the Haas School of Business would have meant becoming even busier than I already was as an undergrad? Well believe it or not, its true. After getting my BS in both molecular and cell biology as well as my BS from Haas, I went straight to a four-year dual MD/MBA program at Tufts University School of Medicine. Managing both medical and business school has been quite challenging but with my strong foundation developed at Haas, I find I am one step ahead of many students still trying to grasp some of the basic business concepts already taught to me. Ways in which I have been using my degree have been numerous. I have recently been involved in many projects in which I look to understand patient-physician relationships and how they can be improved in a managed care settings as well as finding cost-effective measures to control the tremendous financial pressures an ER faces. Additionally, I have been involved in many community grounded healthcare projects, looking at ways to finance and make programs available to the underserved communities here in Boston. Partnering with the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, ways in which basic healthcare needs can be met is one of the projects I undertook. I worked on a traveling healthcare van in conjunction with The Boston Public Health Commission and Mayor Menino of Boston in which we supplied regular blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and iron screenings in order to identify a large contingent of the community that was uninsured. By providing them outlets to obtain insurance, our project had a successful outcome. Now I'm looking for ways that further funding and financial projections can contribute to a more grassroots effort to reach the community. Next spring I will be headed to Nicaragua, looking to work in rural villages while finding ways to finance medications and healthcare to the indigent population that lives there. Everyday I think back to my days in Cheit Hall and remember how great it was to be at Haas. The support from the community and the skills developed will always remain close to the work I look to do. I am thankful and canít wait to get back to Berkeley to chant loud and proud from the Campanille: Go Bears!"




Rajes Patel, BS, of San Francisco works at eBay in San Jose. He writes, "Life has been, well, very interesting for the past couple of years, but overall prospects are looking up. I am enjoying my career and have been pre-occupied with family responsibilities. I hope all of my friends and colleagues are doing well."


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Donald Fraser, MBA, of St. Helena, Calif., and coauthor Derrick Bang are compiling a book they call, Security Blankets: How Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz Touched Our Lives. Fraser was a friend of Schulz and for 35 years a licensee for Peanuts-related clothing. He is looking for personal accounts from adults and children with memories connected to the Peanuts gang to be included in the book.




Russell Kalmacoff, MBA, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is president of the Berkeley Alumni Club of Canada. He was appointed to the Province of Alberta's Value-Added and Technology Commercialization Task Force, a seven-person body recently established by the new progressive conservative government ( He writes, "This task force is one of the key actions under Premier Ed Stelmach's plan to diversify the economy, which has oil reserves larger than Saudi Arabia - and growing. The task force is looking to me to show how we can achieve synergy among our universities, industries, and financial community similar to the Bay Area. We're particularly interested in the generic skills of venture-fund management that can be applied to opportunities in the cleantech/greentech/ecotech areas. I would welcome inquires; my e-mail address is"




Flagg Taylor, MBA, retired in April. He writes, "We plan to remain active in a number of volunteer organizations, and spend time between our homes in Social Circle, Ga., (outside Atlanta) and Punta Gorda, Fla. After 35 years in strategic planning and marketing organizations, I returned to Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Ga., to obtain a degree in spiritual formation. I have spent the past five very rewarding years as the spiritual life director at a major drug and alcohol treatment center and also manage a federal grant for a work center dedicated to helping autistic children. My contact numbers are in the Haas database, and I love staying in touch and getting together with fellow Golden Bears. Give me a call when you are in the area."




Bruce Kreiger, MBA, of Wilton, Conn., writes, "After receiving my MBA, I attended Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco and received my J.D. in 1971. For the last 12 years I have been employed as vice president, secretary, and general counsel for Blyth Inc., a New York Stock Exchange company. In addition I have worked in the Reagan White House in Washington, D.C., as special counsel to the president (1981 to 1982), and for Congressman Charles Vanik in the US House of Representatives."




Christopher Avery, MBA, writes, "After a lengthy career of entrepreneurship in international business that for years took me all over Asia (and now retired from that), a hobby I started nine years ago has become a thriving small business - and one that has given me a solid connection with Cal again. I publish the Web site and magazine called The Bear Insider, where we cover Cal sports. We have been credentialed by the Athletic Department, and in addition to covering sports, we make an effort to cover a broad variety of issues surrounding athletics, including oak-tree sitters, the Haas-Boalt Stadium integrated projects, academic support for athletes, and even how the engineers are searching for fault lines under the stadium. The Web site has grown to the point where it serves several millions of pages every month, and we have been as high as 45,000 unique visitors in a month during bowl season. Of course the resurgence of Cal football under the tutelage of Coach Tedford has been a pleasure to follow and cover, but I am equally delighted by the near-perfect record his staff has achieved in ensuring academic success of the athletes. (Watch for an outstanding rating coming out this spring.) One of my greatest pleasures has been the hundreds if not thousands of e-mails I have received over the years from Cal grads who found their way back to a Cal connection through my Web site, and with the reach of the Internet, many of those have been from outside the United States. I'd enjoy hearing from any Haas grads who are also Cal sports fans. Our Web site has a 'Contact us' link on its front page, Go Bears!"


Maryland's Cooling Springs Farm, home of Pete Michael, MBA, has enlarged its role as a national Underground Railroad historic site and now receives hundreds of visitors each year. The farm is on several national, state, and local historic and Underground Railroad registers. In 2006, Scenic America named Maryland's Potomac-to-Doubs Underground Railroad Route, which was established by the Michael family in the 1850s and runs through Cooling Springs Farm, as a National Scenic Historic Site. On March 24, Cooling Springs Farm hosted Maryland's 2007 statewide observance of Harriet Tubman Day. Pete's family settled Cooling Springs Farm in 1768 and he and his wife, Vicki, are the seventh-generation of the family there. They are currently having both the Maryland Historical Trust and the Maryland Environmental Trust protect the farm as a historic site through perpetual easements. Haas alumni are more than welcome to visit when in the area. For more information on the farm, visit or, the Web site of Pete's book, An American Family of the Underground Railroad. Pete is also publisher of Underground Railroad Free Press providing the only independent reporting on contemporary Underground Railroad news. Visit for more.




John Anderson, MBA, and Barbara Fortini Medwadowski, MBA 82, have moved Draper & Esquin into an old Richmond cannery that has been out of production since 1958. He writes, "Plans are to convert the cannery, which we call The Cannery at Marina Bay, into a shared-use wine production facility for small producers, in time for this fall's vintage. It will feature individual tasting rooms, a restaurant, and a courtyard as a venue for events, all just minutes from Berkeley, Marin and San Francisco. We'd love to tell you more, so call us at 510-236-8000."




Randall Larsen, MBA, writes, "I recently moved back to California from Honolulu, where I was a lecturer in accounting and supply chain management at the University of Hawaii. At the same time I earned an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in communications and information sciences (2005). I also moonlighted as a unit production manager for movies and television. I was unit production manager for the CBS Fox mini-series Hannsen Master Spy starring William Hurt and Mary Louise Parker (2002). I also worked a day or two on Disney's Lost series. Now I am back in California for the tax season as a tax consultant to high-bracketed individuals, partnerships, and corporations. In the future I hope to produce movies and television projects through my Los Angeles-based company, Randall Larsen Productions."


Randolph Weil, MBA, of Highlands Ranch, Colo., writes, "Hard to believe that it has been over 32 years since finishing my MBA. Since then, I married Susan and waited 20 years to have children, Aaron (8), and Alex, (10). My career led me through a series of senior executive positions at Cummins Inc., AT&T, NCR, and IHS Inc. About two years ago, it was time for a change. I left IHS Inc. as president and COO of the engineering division, and searched for a small business to purchase. The objective was to stay active but have more time for family and other interests. A year ago I purchased a company named Unique Industries, which manufactures a specialized line of pressure washers, and have since added some additional product lines. It has been a blast, and, so far, a great decision. If I can help any alum who is thinking about small business or career change, drop me a line at"




Michael Allgood, MBA, writes, "After retiring from business in 2001, I recently agreed to get back in the saddle and move to Dubai. I accepted the position of CFO of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, a largely government owned company dedicated to investing and operating aviation related businesses. My wife, Lupe, and I decided to give up skiing every day in Utah for the adventure of the Middle East, and the challenge of a startup company in a competitive industry. So far, we haven't been disappointed with either. The only thing we miss is attending Cal games, although we managed to attend the Tennessee debacle. We like to keep in touch by reading Cal Business and the alumni magazines."




Dana (Stevenson) Lang, MBA, writes, "On November 4, 2006, I received my black belt in tae kwon do. After spending the past 10 years preparing federal and state grants, first for the city of Oakland, then for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, I am moving to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to work as a senior administrative (budget) analyst. As each of my sons has left for college I am able to focus more energy on my own professional and physical development. When my third (and last) son graduates from high school in 2008, I plan to celebrate by running a marathon."


Lynne Levesque, MBA, of Charlestown, Mass., is back to full-time consulting in leadership and creativity after several years of research at Harvard Business School, where she co-authored several cases and articles (see Harvard Business Review, October 2006). In addition, with a college classmate she is writing a new book that describes how men and women reinvent themselves after the age of 50. Lynne asks that anyone who has a story to tell about the processes they have used to decide what to do next should check out their Web page, for more information about their research and requests for interviews. She writes, "We welcome your stories that can help others who are searching for answers at this time of our lives!"




Ray Fry, MBA, writes, "I recently completed a program to become a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), which enables me to better understand senior issues and how to communicate more effectively with my clients. I do reverse mortgages under the business name Mr. Reverse Mortgage, and my Web site is"


Christine (Hunt) Gray-Smith, MBA, of Belmont, Calif., writes, "I have been very busy working since I earned my MBA and am finally relaxing - for a while. I spent nine years with the public accounting firm Arthur Young and then moved to the corporate world and for the last 13 years have worked in the biotech industry. My last company, CoTherix (a public commercial stage biotech company where I served as the CFO), was acquired in January 2007 by a Swiss company, and I am at last taking some time off. Two fabulous trips: the first to Costa Rica with ElderHostel (wonderful group) and then to Milan and Florence, Italy. Also enjoying the beautiful Bay Area weather/outdoors and spending time with my husband, Brad, and our cairn terrier, Maddy. Starting to think about going back to work."




Lisa (Florreich) McLennan, MBA, writes, "I retired just after 9/11 from a failed startup (a product of the Tech Wreck in Silicon Valley). Having lived in Hawaii, a nice but high-cost state, my husband, Steve, and I moved to Vancouver, Wash., where we are enjoying the fruits of our extreme work life (we lived apart 'commuting' five years while he worked in a hazard zone in Europe) and the product of diversified investments! I'm now volunteering in the local community, am in the running for a condo board position, and in better shape than at any time in my working life thanks to bike rides, running along the Columbia River, and 24 Hour Fitness! I turn 50 this year as well and just love all the marketing attention to us baby-boomers!"




Glen Miller, MBA, of West Palm Beach., Fla., writes, "Would love to hear from any of my old 1983 MBA friends. Still in south Florida running a small engineering/construction company. My two daughters, who were small when I was going through the program, are now grown, married, and with a family. My son, who will enter high school next year, is becoming a pretty good long distance runner."


William Zarit, MBA, transferred from Malaysia in 2005, where he was the commercial counselor at the U.S. Embassy, to Washington, D.C., where he is now regional director for East Asia Pacific at the Department of Commerce's Foreign Commercial Service.




David Mills, MBA, of Los Angeles, returned from adjudicating internal refugee applications in Havana for the US Department of Homeland Security. He has also performed refugee work in the Ivory Coast, the Gambia, Ghana, Guantanamo, on board US Coast Guard cutters in international waters between Cuba and the United States, and was one of the officials who adjudicated the refugee claims of "the lost boys" from Sudan at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. He has also served as a chief union steward for the AFL-CIO and as an EEO mediator. David met his wife, Donna Robinson, in the MBA program. She is now an assistant treasurer for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Los Angeles. Their daughter is completing her freshman year at Columbia University.


Andrew Oksner, MBA, writes that he has been "triangulating between Tokyo, Shanghai, and Los Angeles buying real estate and non-performing debt for my own account as well as institutional partners. Recently have been exploring real estate opportunities in Vietnam and India. Very interesting to work in these highly inefficient markets where situations that should go to competitive auction do not for a variety of reasons. Welcome hearing from any of you."




John Ma, MBA, relocated to Hong Kong in 2007 with plans to stay for about three years. Besides doing consulting work in business organization, he is trying to improve his tennis and hopes to move to the 4.0 level.




Bill Cohen, MBA, of Rossmoor, Calif., writes, "Edge Systems Corp. ( moved quickly from my garage and is now approaching its 10th year in business, all without any VC or outside funding. On a Shoestring 101 was my favorite course at UCB. My wife is writing a book, How to cook potatoes 1000 different ways and still make payroll. That phase of a business is actually the most fun and challenging. It now seems so far in the past. We design, manufacture, and sell all the skin-care devices that keep those high paid MBAs beautiful. When visiting UCB and staying at the Claremont Hotel, go to the spa and ask for a HydraFacial (no, it is not on the house for alumni). We currently sell six products in over 60 countries. Is anyone out there working with skin care and one of the big consumer products companies? Love to talk to you about a patent we hold. My wife, Kathy, and I are having a lot of fun with our 8 1/2-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. Baseball, bikes, and the beach are still a big part of life; oh yea, school, too. Working with a kids cancer fund, Jonathon Jacques, as a corporate sponsor. If in Los Angeles you cannot find a more valuable experience for you and for the kids. if interested. I visited Jim Daly, MBA '89. He is well with a new vice president job in HR and three beautiful kids. Stayed up far too late. John Bernard (OC Chapter), I will make an alumni function in '07, promise."




Sandra Fox-Sohner, MBA, writes, "I recently sold HighTech Business Decisions, the company I founded in 1997 to provide market research for the drug discovery and biopharmaceutical manufacturing markets. Although I am still consulting in the field occasionally and serving on boards, I consider myself to be quite happily retired and pursuing new adventures, such as vacation travel, volunteer work, and playing with my four grandchildren."




Andreas Hendel, MBA, writes, "I joined DEG (German Development and Invest GmbH, Cologne) as a senior investment manager (responsible for emerging markets in Asia). DEG, member of KfW Bankengruppe (KfW banking group), finances investments of private companies in developing and transition countries worldwide. As one of Europe's largest development finance institutions, it promotes private business structures to contribute to sustainable economic growth and improved living conditions. A direct involvement of German companies in the projects is not required. However, DEG only takes on commitments in projects that make an effective development policy impact, meet environmental standards, and comply with social principles ( Our business charter is thus comparable to similar functions within the IFC-Group. Please let me know if you know of any business opportunities which could be of interest to us."


Lynda (Shaw) Mansson, MBA, is the director of global operations for the Worldwide Fund for Nature (known as the World Wildlife Fund in the US), the nature conservation organization. She is based at the headquarters in Switzerland, where she has lived for the past 15 years. Lynda lives with her two teenage sons, Nicholas (17) and Matthew (15) near Lake Geneva, and has begun to think of Switzerland as home. She travels frequently to all parts of the world for work and pleasure, including annual visits back to California to see family and friends.




Tammy Beaulieu, MBA, writes, "After six years of living in Milan, Italy, we are getting ready to move to Barcelona, Spain, this summer, once again following my husband's company, Edreams, to the headquarters there. We have two daughters, Sabrina (6) and Nadia (4)."


Otis Spencer, MBA, writes, "On February 2 of this year, my wife, Tatiana, and I welcomed the arrival of our daughter, Sonia Adrianna. It was a tough delivery for Tatiana, but the final result made it all worthwhile. Business is good. I am running Heitman's European Portfolio Management activities from Warsaw and looking to create a new fund for Russia."


Jon Tanaka, MBA, was promoted to managing director of RREEF, the $73 billion AUM real estate and infrastructure investment management business of Deutsche Bank. After working as a Japan acquisitions officer for the past eight years, Jon now heads client relations for RREEF in Asia Pacific and is based in Tokyo.




Tom Brigham, MBA, writes, "I am very happy to report that my new album, Amadora County, has been getting some excellent recognition and reviews. Based purely on the artistic merit of the CD, I was actually chosen as a featured artist on for April, one of only 10 from around 300 who submitted. ( I also received a very positive review from an LA Times music critic which you can see on my MySpace page, My album is available on CDBaby as well as various other places and should be available on iTunes in a few weeks. You can also download individual songs right from my myspace page. We are planning a CD release party for sometime in the early summer and I will be playing at the Good Old Fashioned festival in Holister in July. I am also being considered for the Hardly Strictly Festival in the fall."


Greg Wolfson, MBA, "After 20 years in high-tech, I decided to try something completely different and started a sailing business on the Monterey Bay. SailTime Monterey Bay provides fractional use of sailing yachts for those who like the sailing lifestyle without the ownership hassles. Unlike my prior technology ventures, which kept me away from home, this maritime endeavor engages my entire family and provides great opportunity to 'work' outdoors. I am still adjusting to being self-employed without days filled by meetings, teleconferences, and business travel. Happily, I can report that my stress level is down and the pace of life a bit more anageable. If you happen to be in the Monterey area and want to get out on the water, look me up at"




Art Altman, MBA, of Palo Alto, Calif., manages the Electric Power Research Institute's work in investment and risk management of energy derivatives and physical energy assets. His team won the 2006 Chauncey Award, the institute's most prestigious annual award, for their research in design and simulation of power markets. He welcomes contact from those in related fields at


Dave Grannan, MBA, left Nokia where he was general manager of mobility solutions to take a position as president and CEO
of Mobeus, based in Cambridge, Mass., this April. Mobeus is an innovative speech recognition startup for the mobile market. Unlike other speech recognition products, Mobeus delivers a single voice interface that can work with any application on a mobile phone, such as text messaging, Internet searches, content downloading, or mobile e-mail. Instead of trying to type out words on a mobile phone numeric keypad, Mobeus users can simply speak into the phone whenever they would normally type, and the Mobeus technology converts the speech to text. Mobeus was started by some of the scientists who were pioneers in the field, and the investors are Charles River Ventures and Sigma Partners.


Morris Noble, MBA, was promoted to senior vice president and investment strategist in U.S. Trust's multi-family office practice in San Francisco. He is serving as president of Laguna Honda Hospital Volunteers Inc. He and his wife, Cindy, are living in San Anselmo with daughters Sally (6) and Caroline (8).




Eric Browne, MBA, writes, "After a few years in Boston, we moved back to Seattle to start up a software company called Baby No. 3 is on the way as well. Look forward to reconnecting with Haas classmates more frequently now that I'm on the West Coast."


Rick Caccia, MBA, and his wife, Courtney, celebrated the birth of their second daughter, Lily Claire, in January 2007.


Ken Walker, MBA, joined the Brisbane School District Board of Trustees in November 2006. He is working on a Web site called, which will provide communication and data-sharing tools to groups, and he is seeking partners. His older daughter, Kira, will enter high school in the fall.


Michael Yang, MBA, writes, "I married Sunny, and we now have a beautiful 3-year-old son, David. We are thoroughly enjoying our family life together! I also launched, the next-generation shopping search engine. We have made a lot of good progress during the last three years. We hope to become (no pun intended) the best place to shop online and either get acquired or go public. Please check it out and let me know what you think at"




Ellen Fleishhacker, MBA, was named director with the San Francisco-based law firm Howard Rice Nemerovski Canady Falk & Rabkin. Ellen's practice focuses on real estate transactions, including private equity funds, purchases and sales, leasing, secured financings, and the use and structuring of limited liability entities. She also specializes in advising families and individuals with complex business and personal legal needs.




Mark Breitbard, MBA, writes, "We made it back! After two years in Ohio with Abercrombie & Fitch, we are back in San Francisco with Levi Strauss. Steph, our son, Zach (3), and daughter, Davis (1), and I are moving to a house in Mill Valley this summer."


Lark Dunham, MBA, writes, "After many, many years of being single, I am happy to announce that on March 3, 2007, I was married to Bruce Flanagan, a wonderful man from Bethesda, Md. We spent our honeymoon hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking around the south island of New Zealand. It was a fantastic trip for those who love being outdoors. I am currently working for a small digital mapping company in DC running the product development group. We were acquired by NAVTEQ in December, so we are in the midst of assimilation. I am still an endorphin junkie with 10-plus marathons and two Ironman triathlons under my belt since Haas. For those who knew Woody, he passed away about four years ago. He was a truly special dog and he is greatly missed. Looking forward to catching up with my classmates in April."


Segolene Finet, MBA, writes, "We are happily settled in a lovely, leafy suburb of Paris. Our older daughter, Emilie (6), is in first grade at a wonderful international school, the Lycee International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. She is learning to read in both French and English this year. Her little sister, Juliette (4), is also bilingual, and we are happy to report that they go back and forth between English and French depending on the topic, their mood, and what they want to express. Drew and I have been busy on our little startup, mamaNANA, an e-boutique devoted to the fashion needs of breastfeeding mothers. We just launched the English version of the site, We have been lucky to entertain a few visitors from the Bay Area: Wendy Adams and her husband, Peter, and Felynn Quilo Halbrecht and her husband, Mark. Please don't hesitate to give us a ring if you are in town. You can reach me at"




Judith Heiman, MBA, was appointed deputy secretary of education by Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. She lives in Richmond with her partner of 17 years, Martha Moon.


Rich Pearson, MBA, writes, "My last startup folded after a short but still fantastic nine months. I'm now off to lead marketing for Attributor, which aims to bring transparency and accountability for publishers of online content."


Lilly Yip, MBA, writes, "After spending three wonderful years in New York, we moved back to Hong Kong last summer. My son, Daniel, is 2 1/2 years old now. I'm working for PepsiCo on its China business development team."




Melanie (Romney) Hoopes, MBA, writes, "I'm back on the career track after a few years full-time with my little girls and earning my CFA charter. I'm the new investment strategist at Bedell Investment Counseling in Walnut Creek. Stop by and say hello."


Alan Knitowski, MBA, of Newport Beach, Calif., writes, "In January I became a founding director and investor in Vootage Inc., which expects to become the leader in high school sports Webcasting and the online community network of choice for high school athletics. will bring the professional video broadcasting and play-by-play game indexing to high school athletics that all of us are intimately familiar with and enjoying for both college and professional sports. The company is headed by a team that includes producers of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers road games, founders of USA Network, former ABC Sports, KCAL and Fox Sports producers and entrepreneurs. This is an exciting new company and will ultimately provide users with the ability to purchase individual plays and games online and offline much as others are already familiar with doing with Apple's iTunes."


Steven Peletz, MBA, writes, "At work, through Peletz & Co. Real Estate, I continue to buy, sell, manage, and improve small residential properties in San Francisco for myself and for clients. Visit us at if you have San Francisco real estate needs. At home, we are busy with soccer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, and Irish dance for the kids. My wife and two children (9) and (13) and I have found the time to travel to Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and Mexico every year or two, which we really enjoy. I do spend more time thinking about ways to give back to various communities and more philanthropic challenges to devote time to in the years ahead."


Nancy Riess, MBA, was named vice president of Interactive Technologies. Jeffrey Helman, MBA 74, is president of the company. She writes, "We conceptualize, design, and build custom Web sites and technology solutions. Thanks to our Berkeley MBAs, we specialize in bridging the gap between marketing and technology. Our clients are mid- to large-size companies and institutions that are creating or redesigning a complex Web site. Or alternatively they are seeking to streamline a business process through a custom technology solution. We've been doing this for almost 15 years for clients like Honeywell, Home Depot, and DuPont. Thanks to the Cal Business network, Jeff and I joined forces and are enthusiastic about the future. If you are embarking on a significant Web redesign and value the combination of real marketing and technology expertise, please contact us first."


Jennifer (Kern) Weiss, MBA, writes, "I have recently left Boys & Girls Clubs to join the Shea Homes team. I am working in sales management for the active adult division, Trilogy. Jason, Jake, and I are still enjoying vineyard life in Napa."




Koji Abe, MBA, writes, "My other partners and I MBOed a PE investment firm last year. It is challenging but worth trying."


Peter Marchetti, MBA, writes, "What a year it's been at the Marchetti's! We moved into Noe Valley and welcomed Ren to our family. My work with Goldman has been rewarding, but second only to those events has been my newest side project, domestic animal home protection training. To quote Borat, 'Wow-wow-wow-weee-ah! King of the castle, king of the castle!' Certainly everyone is familiar with the phrase 'attack dog.' While there are merits to training a dog to defend your home and family, not every family likes dogs or has the space to keep one at home. That's why I produced 'Attack Pet! Save your Family,' a four-part instructional DVD series. It sounds strange, but trust me, when you see how easy it is to increase your family's security and bond with your furry friend, you won't think it's so silly. The DVD has patented step-by-step instructions for training canaries, house cats, rabbits, turtles, gerbils, hamsters, and of course dogs to warn you and your loved in case of an intruder. Larger animal owners get bonus material that teaches your pet how to slow or stop trespassers. (Of course a gerbil can't do much to stop an intruder, but it can warn you before it's too late). If you're interested in more details, feel free to get back in touch. Hope you are all well!"


Cheryl Proctor, MBA, writes, "I've taken on a new role with the Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary. In addition to my part-time work as a dietitian, I'm managing a new initiative to raise awareness and provide community education around heart disease prevention in women. It's a fun way to use some of the skills I developed at Haas and help people at the same time."




Naard Broeckaert, MBA, of London writes, "After six years with Goldman Sachs, I left the firm in April to start up a family office. The goal is to coordinate the investment management strategy and implementation for a select number of ultra-high net-worth individuals (initially for two families but there is room for expansion). It has been a tough decision to make as I leave one of the best firms in the world. But the Haas entrepreneurial spirit and motivation is just too strong. Hope you are all well."


Jason Gore, MBA, writes, "I recently finished teaching negotiations for winter term at Harvard Law School as a TA. Now in addition to my training and facilitation practice, I teach organizational psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Teaching in the academic environment has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding."


Dave Marron, MBA, of Lafayette, Calif., writes, "I am an owner and the CEO of SphereBuilder LLC. My company provides technology solutions to residential real estate companies across the country. We've been in business for three years and things are going really well. We have 12 employees in two locations - Walnut Creek, Calif., and Denver, Colo. My wife, Dana, and I have two little boys. David will be 5 this summer and Jack is 2. I keep in touch with many of my Haas classmates, but would like to see more of you."


Jorge Viera, MBA, writes, "On February 10, I married Maria Fernanda Gomez, a wonderful Venezuelan. The ceremony took place in Margarita Island in the north east coast of the country. A group of classmates came from the Bay Area to the party. We are living in Caracas, where she works as an urban planner, and I am launching a private equity fund aimed towards family-owned Venezuelan enterprises."


Peggy Wu, MBA, writes, "Baby Lilia is almost 5 months old and more fun than ever. I truly enjoy watching her grow bigger and more dynamic everyday. I am also excited to have started a new job last week as director of broker marketing at National Financial, part of Fidelity Investments, in Boston. With John's job at the Federal Reserve Bank, we are able to commute together from our home in Natick, which works out great. If you pass through Boston, please give me a jingle -"




Emilie Cortes, MBA, writes, "Lots of changes here. Moved from San Francisco to Millbrae last summer. Left my job in structured credit at MMC Securities to work for a vendor, Moody's KMV, in sales. So far I'm loving working more with clients but staying in the field of credit risk. I also get to see Inder Grewal (who also works there) when I am in town. I had an epic summer climbing last year - Shasta twice, Machu Picchu, alpine rock climbing in the Eastern Cascades, and Rainier in honor of my classmate, Hans Grande. I am glad Hans got to see it before he passed away. I was planning to climb Denali (aka McKinley) this year but am now in recovery from a back injury. Finally, I resigned after three awesome years as president of the Association of Women MBAs and passed the baton on to some new, very capable blood. Check us out at"


Robyne Eldridge, MBA, of Kensington, Calif., writes, "In August our doula and Haas classmate Anne Brocchini helped us welcome our 9.5-pound son into the world - Alistair John Eldridge. Simon and I feel so in awe and never thought parenthood would be so amazing - each month even better than the last! On the work front, I'm still marketing wine for Diageo and loving it. Life is wonderful and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone at the reunion."


Thomas Nisslmueller, MBA, see Ph.D. 1995 notes.


Lesley (Keffer) Russell, MBA, was named vice president at St. Supery Vineyards & Winery in Napa Valley. She has two daughters, Capri (2) and Natalie (3 months) with her husband, Jim.


Ani Wu, MBA, is the marketing manager for Hispanics and Puerto Rico at AutoZone. She was responsible for launching the brand in these new markets. She developed the creative of the first TV spot and launched various programs on the island. Ani and Jose are in Memphis, Tenn., and they are very happy with their daughter, Frances Naomi, (8 months).




Cherrie (Chen) Begley, MBA, of Los Altos, Calif., writes, "My husband, Brian, and I proudly welcomed our daughter, Ciara, on Dec. 19, 2006."


Larry Roadcap, BCEMBA, joined Ernst & Young Australia as an executive director in the firm's Financial Risk Management Group.


Jennifer Sang, MBA, of Hercules, Calif., writes, "On January 7, 2007, I got married in Vegas. I met Michael shortly after the program, and we finally tied the knot! It was a fun-filled weekend with many of the infamous Haas ladies of 2003."




Martin Huffman, MBA, writes, "Last September, I joined my father, who has over 30 years of experience working in tourism in Argentina, in launching Rent-a-Moto, a local company that rents 650cc and 1200cc BWM enduro bikes for traveling within Argentina and neighboring countries."


Julio Montealegre, MBA, of Chinandega, Nicaragua is engaged in a pipeline development effort to identify investment opportunities for a private equity fund in Africa that seeks to contribute to the improvement of small farmer businesses.


Marcelo Moya, MBA, writes, "After spending almost three years in the beautiful city of La Paz, Bolivia, my wife, Riscela, and my son, Agustin, are moving to Miami, Fla. I'll be working for Banco de Credito del Peru - Miami Agency. If you are around, on business or vacations, please contact me,"




Andy Dey, MBA, of Union City, Calif., writes, "I continue at Oracle USA Inc. as a director of applications development. On a separate thread, I launched a startup in the field of financial portfolio management providing investment advisory services to high net-worth clients through my company Bono Financials LLC ( I am confident that the lessons learned and connections made at Berkeley will help create a successful business in the near future. Go bears!"




Todd Bailey, MBA, recently founded the company TRB + Associates Inc., a municipal consulting firm in Pleasanton. The firm provides building safety support services to public agencies throughout California (


Carlos Sanchez, MBA, of San Francisco, and Melissa Sanchez are proud to announce the birth of their son, Landon Taylor Sanchez. Landon was born on March 11, weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches. He writes, "Mom and baby are doing very well and enjoying lots of quality time together."


Michael Sonders, MBA, of San Francisco, founded Lootist Inc. in late 2006. A beta version of new product-discovery service will be available at in mid-2007.


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Charles Snow, Ph.D., will step down as chair of the Management and Organization Department in Penn State's College of Business June 30, 2007. He will return to teaching and research, which includes being a Visiting Research Scholar at both the University of Aarhus (Denmark) and University of Melbourne (Australia).




Marc-David Seidel, Ph.D., was promoted to associate professor with tenure at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia where he teaches a variety of courses including organizational behavior, management consulting, organizational change, and strategy at the undergraduate, MBA, and doctoral levels. He serves as the division chair of the Organizational Theory Division of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, which is the primary academic society for business school professors in Canada. He is also a representative-at-large of the Organization and Management Theory Division of the Academy of Management, which is the primary international academic society for management professors and is on the advisory board of the Business Families Centre. He still operates the Web sites he started while a Haas student, Airlines of the Web,, and A Bell Tolls,




Thomas Nisslmueller, Ph.D., writes, "After working as assistant professor at Mainz University in Germany, I am now an international career consultant for Toechter und Soehne in Wiesbaden, a very dynamic and fascinating job. Soon my new book, Listening Man (Der horende Mensch), will appear, my post-doc research book at the University of Dortmund in Germany, where I also work as 'privatdozent' (associate professor)."




Branko Urosevic, Ph.D., writes, "The last few months I have been busy setting up a really exciting educational program on the beautiful Croatian island of Kolocep, near Dubrovnik. We are bringing in several top US and European professors, including two Berkeley profs, Bob Edelstein and Nancy Wallace, to teach select regulators, executives, and academics from the region of South Eastern Europe about some of the most pressing issues of banking and finance. The name of the program is Dubrovnik Lectures in Banking and Finance, I am really excited about the program as this is something quite innovative, not only in the region but well beyond."


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