Summer 2007

In Brief

Tom Kelley Named First Executive Fellow


Tom Kelley, MBA 83, the general manager of the design firm IDEO, has been named the first-ever Haas School Executive Fellow.


The new position has been created for respected executives and thought leaders in a variety of fields. Executive Fellows will serve as advisors to the dean, faculty, and staff. Students also will gain exposure to these top thinkers and their trailblazing ideas as they participate in events and programs throughout the school year.


"This is an honor and I'll do my best to give meaning to the new role," says Kelley. "And although the dean has warned me that there may be other executive fellows in the future, I've lived in the Silicon Valley long enough to understand the concept of first-mover advantage."


The school plans to appoint a handful of Executive Fellows over the coming year. Kelley will focus on helping the Haas School further strengthen its Leading Through Innovation initiative. He brings with him two decades of experience helping to build IDEO, one of the world's most innovative design firms.


"We're thrilled to honor Tom Kelley as the first Haas School Executive Fellow," says Dean Tom Campbell. "His deep insights about innovation are certain to inspire students and faculty alike and advance Haas even farther as an innovator in business school education."


Together with his brother David, Kelley has managed Palo Alto-based IDEO as it has ballooned from 20 employees to more than 500. He also has written two influential books on innovation: The Art of Innovation (2001) and The Ten Faces of Innovation (2005).


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Tom Kelley, MBA 83

IDEO's Tom Kelley, MBA 83, will share his experiences managing one of the world's most creative design firms with Haas students as the school's first Executive Fellow.