Supporting Lifelong Learning: Courtyard Conversations Find a Home Online

Laughter. Lively conversations. The air crackling with excitement, energy, and joy.


This is what happens when nearly 400 Berkeley Haas alumni come together, as witnessed recently at the annual alumni conference on a perfectly glorious spring day. And it's what's happening now, as alumni continue the conversations online in a new forum called "50 Words," the new next best thing to standing in the Haas courtyard, deep in animated conversation with old and new friends. Check it out at


For those who could attend the annual Alumni Conference in April, the energy was infectious. Catching up with classmates, exchanging ideas with groundbreaking business leaders, and rubbing shoulders with visionary thinkers, alumni were clearly elated to be back at Haas. The conference, a full day of learning with top Haas faculty and industry experts, was a striking example of how you, and all who are part of the Haas community, value being a "Student Always."


On this same perfect Saturday in April, newly admitted MBA students came to campus for "Days at Haas," an introduction to the school. As alumni exchanged business cards and took photos with old friends, younger faces paused in the sun-splashed courtyard to take in the scene, excited by the prospect of coming to Berkeley Haas.


As I watched the two groups merge, I wondered: Could these alumni-to-be imagine themselves in the future, standing in the courtyard with classmates who would profoundly impact their lives? Did they appreciate the transformative experience ahead? Did you, when you first arrived in Berkeley?


Fortunately, the experience doesn't end after the graduation, as both the Alumni Conference and "50 Words" demonstrate. "The All-Alumni Conference provided me with the feeling that dreams are possible," Tom Fitzsimons, MBA 07, wrote on "50 Words." "To converse with and listen to successful people who question underlying assumptions with an eye towards DOING instead of DENYING is why I attend such Haas events."


At Berkeley, there is no shortage of people who are eager to DO, which is why we are so excited about "50 Words." In addition to sharing thoughts about reunion weekend, alumni are talking about their startup dreams and the Haas School's new direction under Dean Rich Lyons. Join the conversation at We always love to hear your unique voice and perspective.


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Leslie Kanberg
Director, Alumni Relations


P.S. I love learning from you, too, and always welcome your suggestions and ideas: 510-642-7757 or

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