Degree Programs

Official Program Names

When referring to any of the Berkeley Haas degree programs, use the official program name:

  • The Haas Undergraduate Program
  • The Berkeley MBA Program
  • The Berkeley MBA for Executives Program
  • The Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program*
  • The Full-time Berkeley MBA Program**
  • The Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering Program (The Berkeley MFE Program)
  • The Berkeley Haas PhD Program
  • The Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA Program

*Do not use the ampersand (&) in "evening and weekend" when not referring to the official name of the program.

**Use "Full-Time Berkeley MBA Program" (with a capital "T") when the program name stands alone, as in an email signature or header.

Proper Usage Within Text

When referring to a specific degree program in a sentence, where you are not using the full official name of the program, capitalize only the proper nouns.

When appropriate, the term “EMBA” may be used colloquially to refer to the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program—or its students, courses, etc.—within a body of text. It may sometimes be used in a title in more casual situations, such as blog posts. It may never be used as the primary reference to the program, or in place of the official name of the program.

Examples of correct usage:

  • …Berkeley MBA students…
  • …evening and weekend program courses…
  • …evening and weekend MBA students…
  • …the undergraduate program at Berkeley Haas…
  • …full-time Berkeley MBA students…
  • …students in the Full-time Berkeley MBA Program…
  • …students in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program
  • …MBA for executives program courses…
  • …Berkeley Haas EMBA students…
  • …courses taught in the EMBA program at Berkeley Haas…

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